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A quick update to show off the build process of something I’ve done this month based on the Mancubus from Doom. These boys first cropped up in Doom 2 and reappeared with a new design in Doom 3 and as someone who played the original Doom game when it first came out, I have something of a soft spot for the original design.

I recently reread “Masters of Doom” and it got me fired up for sculpting something based on the game so picked the Mancubus even though it was my second favourite after the cacodemon.

The core model is my usual mix of wire armature with milliput over the top to allow the super sculpey firm to grab onto something.

When it came to blocking out the arm I had to dig around a bit to find something which would work as the weapon and I also realised I needed two. I found a tank cannon from a Games Workshop Leman Russ tank but only had the one!

Doom Mancubus

A quick begging email to another David (one of the board gamers I play with) came up trumps as he had a spare he could part with. So thank to Mr Lloyd I now had a right arm.

I cut the middle section from each barrel and capped the end with some spare washers from my bike brakes. No the brakes are fine, its just every time I buy new brakes, I end up with loads of washers and I can never throw bits away.

Doom Mancubus

I also made a trip to a guitar shop in town to get some thick bass strings for the cables. That was an interesting conversation, “Hi I’d like some ribbed guitar strings please” “certainly, what kind of guitar is it?” “Weeeeelll….”

Doom Mancubus

Doom Mancubus

Probing the wires into his body I also started to work in wrinkles and scars around his arms and the rolls of fat on his belly. Sculpey firm is rapidly becoming my weapon of choice as it hold details well. I’ve still got plenty of normal pink sculpey but I may end up cutting it with the firm to make it better to work with.

At this point I suddenly decided to change the weapon part from the middle of the tank barrel to the muzzle with the vents as it looks better. I also went on a 5pm hunt around Ipswich on a Saturday for thick cork for the base, but of course I couldn’t find any apart from thin sheets, so ended up buying some cheap drinks coasters and breaking them up into chunks to make the base.


I’m a sloppy painter. I keep trying to stop drybrushing but end up slapping paint around and then covering in washes. It works to a degree but I need to improve big time, I also need to consider buying an airbrush after my old one packed up years ago.

Doom Mancubus

Overall I’m happy with the final result. He could do with the paint job being tightened up a bit more but maybe thats for a few years down the way.

More photos of the build process are in my google album.