Immortan Joe mask

I do like a good prop. I’ve made a few things over the years and I really liked the mask worn by Immortan Joe from the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road. I sometimes print stuff off on my printer as fun little side projects and thought I’d run one of his masks off but I struggled to find one that was right. All of the ones I could find didn’t seem to have the right scale so I found one that was sort of right, modified it a little in Cinema 4D and started printing.

and the pipe parts.

What a handsome chap.

Now my 3d printer is ok. It’s not got a really high res on the print and the filament I was using kept giving me some problems.

More than a few issues but it doesn’t matter. I was going to sculpt over the top of it anyway. I extended the jawline back and up by adding some plastic sheet.

Then I started sculpting. The old favourites came out, Milliput and Aves Apoxie Sculpt. That stuff is so good to work with, I’m really becoming an Apoxie sculpt convert.

What a looker.

Mffrgble grbblleee argglleble.

Aaahhh screw it.

Primer timer.

Then some painting and I’m ready to hit the wastelands. I used some of my oil paints to weather it. Burnt Sienna, umber, a small amount of black over the metals and a bit of blue for contrast in places. Nice and oily.

I fit a band around the back and it stays on quite well. I even went into town a couple of times during the pandemic with it on.

Immortan Dave.

So does the story end there? Nope, of course not… it came out so well I got a few people asking if I could make more.

Yes. Yes I can. I started again, only this time I was making a few tweaks.

Alas, poor Immortan Joe! I knew him, Max, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

Here we go again.

Yes, I own a fez.

I got a foam head, a load of plasticine, and a lot of materials from SmoothOn.

Building up the plasticine over the head I mounted the mask onto it.

on goes the Smooth-Cast 57D.

Get it on, nice and thick. Then on top of that goes Plasti-paste to make the reinforced jacket. This holds the shape as the Smooth-Cast is very wibbly wobbly.

Time to demould.

Honestly, this stuff is amazing. Every little detail has been picked up.

To make the masks I used Rebound 25. It’s very bendy and quite robust. It sets slowly which means it won’t suddenly snap set and be all blobby. This is quite important for things like masks.

The downside was, it’s quite hard to get into a few of the smaller spots like the screwheads. So I cut off any which didn’t cast quite right and put real screws in.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the vents.

This is the part I did get lazy. I didn’t do anything with these masks for over a year. Yup, I did all of this in 2020, cast the last bits in Jan 2021 and its now Feb 2022…

I shall finish these two masks off and make some more.

To be continued…

Ryza Pattern Lasgun

It may not be obvious by now but I have a lot of miniatures. I’ve been buying them, including Games Workshop stuff, since the 80s and I have a big soft squidgy spot for Imperial Guard. I’ve been stripping my old minis and repainting them recently.

So you can see, I like the old style minis, especially the old Necromunda 8th/original design.

Cadia stands and all that but come on, look at that design. It’s great. That iconic John Blanche picture which just shouted out to me as a wee lad. John has appeared on this blog before and is still an influence on me now.

That lasgun design is wonderful. Interesting that some of the early artwork, especially that Paul Bonner one, has some odd variations on the design. Notice the blast bit of the muzzle is upside down and the squat in the foreground even seems to have his lasgun upside down!

About a year ago I started seeing if I could model this design in 3d using Cinema 4D and ended up with something that was passable.

I broke it into loads of parts and set it printing.

Blah blah blah. More printing.

Waffle… assembled.

Do I look mean yet?

I ran out of blue and switched to a roll of red. I was dry fitting as I went along and found a few issues with how it slotted together. I’d need to tweak things in the files if I was going to reprint this but I ended up cutting or sanding things away. As it doesn’t need to be taken apart it doesn’t matter. Plenty of filler and glue works wonders.

Notice the bottom of the grip, I designed the piece in the hilt to be a power pack. I glued it in place but if I was being fancy I would have left it so it can be slotted in place or removed.

So much sanding. I was sat in the garden for hours just filing and sanding and priming and sanding and… People think 3d printing is going to kill things like the mini industry or modelmaking but then forget how much work is needed to clean these damn things up. Even resin printing is nasty.

Anyway… I hadn’t printed the grippy part of the handle very deep so ended up sanding and filling it flat then painting it with hammerite to make it look like a rubber grip.

Lots of silver next. It’s a pretty simple colour scheme. I ended up painting some copper on the grip to add some colour.

Dirsty lasgun!

Finally weathered with metal polish. I use a lot of fire grate polish on my pieces for weathering. Rubbed on then buffed off gives a nice shine. It’s looking like it’s seen some action now.

Finished. One standard issue Ryza lasgun.

Sadly I don’t have the rest of the outfit to go with it but it was a fun project to make.

As mentioned,the files need to be edited a bit to make it fit together a little better but I was happy with it. I’m now thinking of making a laspistol in the same pattern.

Alien perfume monolith

My daughter was going to throw away an empty bottle of Thierry Mugler Alien but I managed to snatch it before it reached the bin.

Look at that thing! It’s an amazing design and I thought I could do something with it.

I thought I could put it on a base and create something to use as scenery for Warhammer, Gaslands or any other tabletop game. I washed it down and buffed off the lettering on the front before sticking it to a chunk of wood.

Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures of it being made but I basically chopped up a base, covered it on filler and rocks to make a rough base then hit the whole thing with black primer.

To get some colours down, I sprayed the whole thing with a series of lighter colours. Once dried it was weathered with inks and powders. The base was covered in flock, moss and some skulls from the GW skull pack. A Christmas pressie from my daughter, she basically supplied a lot of the part for this in the end.

I think the final piece looks suitable for some monolith from a long lost Xeno species in 40k. It will also work as a place of worship for a chaos tribe in AoS or Warhammer Fantasy.

Not bad for an empty Alien perfume bottle.

Pumpkin repairs

Back in 2012, I made a sculpture based on a sketch by Chris Ryniak, and its been sat in my window since then. I noticed it had developed a few cracks at some point so thought it was time for a repair job.

I filled the holes with milliput and smoothed off some rough spots.

Then it was a case of repainting the rather crude paint job I’d done on him last time.

He was also treated to a layer of nice bright green flock to make his base a bit more interesting.

There is even a new battery so him candle lights up again.

Genestealer Patriarch

All hail the four armed emperor!

This was another of my ‘start building, take years to finish’ projects. I was given one of the old classic seated patriarch models from Warhammer 40k but it was missing the throne. That’s nothing that will stop me, so I started designing.

Started in Nov 2016, it wasn’t finished until Oct 2021!

It needed something to base the scene on and give it a narrative. To do this, I created a backstory around the idea of a throne room for a Patriarch on a feudal world. Taking some inspiration from Frank Frazetta images, I managed to get a couple of slave minis and a Necromancer model from Games Workshop as well as a few upgrade pieces for Genestealer cultists to use.

I felt I needed to make some change to the Necromancer model, to make him a little more themed. He was greenstuffed to give him a bigger hump and expanded his robes to make them less undeady.

I started messing about with the base to make some details such as a carpet, the poles behind the scene, 3d printed a couple of urns even though only one was used and the wall which was made from blue foam carved with the stone pattern.

The banners behind the throne are freehanded onto some spare fabric left-over from the Flying Galleon.

As the slave minis are a little… erm… yeah… I painted one of them up with purple skin tones to suggest she is a Genestealer hybrid.

She went on with the magus being a bit creepy to her. I then worked on other details like the slime around the organic throne base.

Then working on his military advisor which was a kitbash of some 40k and Warhammer parts.

Before working on the main man himself.

Then it’s was putting the final pieces in place and taking some snaps.

Final pics

I tried to add plenty of details without overloading it with too much. hopefully, it’s a fun little scene with plenty to look at.

The finished piece has gone back to the chap who gave me the original metal Genestealer model in the first place. He’s a big GSC player and thought it should go back to the owner.

Blood Axe Ork Kommando

I’ve got a soft spot for Ork lads. It’s sort of green and a bit spongy.

Every now and then I find an image that I really like and that inspires me to sculpt something. I came across this illustration by DiegoGisbertLlorens aaaaages ago and thought I’d have a go at doing a large-sized piece based on it.

This started as a rough blob of car body filler over a wire armature. Then I started throwing Milliput and Super Sculpey over the top to build some shapes.

I’m afraid this is going to be a hodgepodge of images as I spend about 2 years poking at this guy on and off. I didn’t keep a very accurate record, or even any record of it.

One problem I did run into was the back of the Ork as I didn’t have any minis which looked like this. I ended up having to ask someone to send me photos of an Orks bum so I could see what their trousers looked like. A bit of a random request.

This should give you an idea of his scale. He is about 6 1/2 inches tall and a bit of a big lad.

His little details were added with nails, pins, bits of wire, chunks of wood, metal tubing and other scrap bits I had in my bits box. While the knife was carved from hardened Aves Apoxie sculpt and added after.

He was baked and I also made up some stikkbombs from brass tubing. No point in being a sneaky lad if you can’t blow stuff up.

Loads of primer, sanding, carving, cleaning, etc…

Spinny Ork lad has his plastic shooter added as well.


At this point, I’m just painting and adding more details. I wanted something to be hanging from his belt, so 3d printed a marine helmet but it didn’t look right. I also had a skull that I was going to use on him. That went on the belt, while the helmet got cut up and used on the base. The grass flock was a mix of tea leaves and spices I have which I use for basing.

The final details on the base was a load of moss, seed pods and the painted marine helmet.

Since finishing, he has snuck off and joined a WAAAGH! run by the chap who kindly supplied the Ork bottom photos. He seems happy there by all accounts. At least he’s with his own ladz.