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Innsmouth and back

March turned into a bit of a two sculpture for the price of something very pricey. First up was something I’ve been itching to do for a few years.

Aaaarrrrr, he has the Innsmouth look about him

Quite a while back (around 2011!) Francesco Francavilla posted a picture which just smacked of Lovecraftian goodness and there’s also a black and white one tucked away in his site. I loved the look and feel and have had it tucked away in the back of my mind for a while. So early in March I dug it out of my mind and did my own take on this chappy after getting a couple of ships wheels.

Usual method here. A central support, slathered in milliput and coated in Super Sculpey firm. He’s only a few inches high but I really enjoyed doing it and I think its one of the best things I’ve sculpted and I’m enjoying working on these small pieces.


He looks a little older than the picture so I think that he’s probably moved to a bigger ship now. I do need to work on my painting skills as I haven’t done the sculpt any justice. Ah well. It comes with time. The Cap (though I refer to him as the Innsmouth Skipper) is now sitting next to a couple of my other sculptures in the living room and is charting a course to R’lyeh as we speak.

In the Emperors name!

The other thing I finished last month was a 40k purity seal made originally for Matt Smith who has been hassling me for years (literally YEARS) to make him something.

Roughly “full size”, the purity seal is 3″ and was sculpted from normal pink Super Sculpey. It’s been moulded in easy flo mixed with red dye and then hand finished with black polish to get an aged look. I also tried drilling a space and then glueing a magnet into the back to make the ultimate fridge magnet.

Purity Seal

I’ll be selling them in my Etsy shop soon, I just need to hunt down a job lot of very strong magnets.

April may take a hit in my plan to do a small sculpture a month but as I did two last month, I’m ahead of myself.