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The Penguin sculpt from Batman

Holy fish cake Batman! It’s that fowl feather fiend, the Penguin!

Its been almost a year since my last update. Whoops. Most of my updates now happen over on my facebook page but I do feel I should dust off this place a bit and get on with some project updates. Rather than loads of random little updates I’ll try and post when I finish pieces. So in the spirit of “I’ve got a lot of updates to squeeze in” heres a bust of the Penguin from Batman.

waugh waugh waugh

The Penguin from Batman bust

Sculpted from normal Super Sculpey with brass rod for the cigarette holder, theres a bit of wire with cotton wool wrapped around it for the smoke.

work in progress with Super Sculpey

The base was made from a piece of wood that was stained and polished while the bust itself was painted with Games Workshops finest.

Penguin bust

More photos, including WIP’s, are available in this gallery: