walkin’ on the moon

I was going to put something in the title of this post about footprints on the moon but was a bit worried everyone would think it was about the apprentice. Ahem…

You may have noticed a series of posts earlier this year about the telescope and the images/videos we have taken through it. The daughter asked for it for Christmas last year (AKA leaving her list in strategic places around the house) and we have had great fun with standing out in the freezing cold gazing up at the heavens about.

Through a series of random events which kicked off earlier this week, the daughter received a nice bag of stuff from the rather awesomeDr Lucy Rogers aka @DrLucyRogers. The goody bag was full of bits from @nasatweetup and @esaoperations including some badges, a CD and a funky sticker of the STS-134 mission patch which has been attached to the telescope and will no doubt improve its power 1000%. The sticker can be seen below along with the new owner but I should point out that the bear didn’t come in the pack and she insisted on getting makeup on as well… bah… these eccentric science types who think they can out do us eccentric art types, now where did I leave my purple fright wig?

So now NASA has had their chance, Ipswich will lead the way in space exploration but before we hit the bleeding edge of space exploration its her bed time. I would say another big thank you to Dr Rogers and point out this on her website:

I am very excited to have been offered a place on the prestigious Singularity University Graduate Studies Program. There are only 80 places and I was selected from 1,900 applicants from 109 countries.*

C4D people, please try not to read the last word on that page ok?

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