The cash of Cthulhu

I’ve had someone actually offer me real money for one of my castings so I suppose this is the point when I start selling them. I’m not going to build up a stock of them, rather I’m going to build them to any orders that come in. This will prevent me spending a fortune on them only for me not to be able to shift them.

At the moment I’m thinking that the offerings will be a basic white (no dye) or black meaning people can buy them and paint them as they see fit, metal (aluminium seems safe enough, brass/bronze/copper will be an option but the price will reflect the cost of the material, other metals are available if I can source them) and other finishes may be an option based on what I can find. I need to get one finished to put in the comic shop in town next.

In the meantime I’m currently refurbishing the bronze Cthulhu that went wrong. I’m going to rebuild him with Milliput and then spray him to try out painting the little sod.

The colour of the original casting doesn’t reflect the bronze well as it wasn’t mixed properly. It was a spectacular failure (aka EPIC FAIL) but did spur me on a little. Next up, marketing them…

3 thoughts on “The cash of Cthulhu

  1. Kirkd Post author

    In deeeeddily doodle Mr Doctor Terror sir. We need to thrash out the way they will be listed. I’ll try and sort out some photos for you.

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