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Monday 2nd March

Bolan was recovering in the small hospital in Dashur they had managed to find after dragging his unconscious form up and down the dusty streets. Taking advantage of being in a hospital, Singh also grabbed a few medical supplies and patched everyone up as best he could after their fight with Waaiz

Tuesday 3rd March

After a good nights rest, they planned to visit the pyramids at Giza to investigate the tomb in Mycerinus’ pyramid where the mummy had vanished from. Bolan was back on his feet and feeling more himself again.  Heading back to the boat they had chartered, they headed back towards Cairo before disembarking at the wharf at Giza.

As soon as their feet touched dry land, they were assaulted by hoards of Dragomen all trying to sell maps, tickets or rides to the pyramids which could be seen on the horizon. Picking their way carefully through the crowds they stopped at a car that was large enough to fit them all in. The driver was instantly all over them trying to offer them a ride to the pyramids. He was almost forcing them into the car with promises of how comfortable it was and how he would be able to deliver them in style to the pyramids. His face turned a little sour when Mahmood scrambled into the front passenger seat and began poking at all of the polished metalwork but he contained his frown as the four climbed in the back of the car.

Setting off sharply and pushing the car through the streets of Giza, the driver began to promise them that he would take them to his brother who was a guide and would be able to show them around the pyramids. According to the driver, he was the best guide there and everyone else was just a con artist. They all exchanged glances in the back at these boasts but Bolan kept chatting with him, trying to learn a little about the history of the pyramids. The driver talked constantly about nothing for most of the journey, simply filling time with his own voice.

It took a little under an hour to reach the Giza pyramid complex. The road was flat and level so the driver was able to drive quite fast. He pulled in near a group of tents and a small market that was selling souvenirs and food. He climbed out of the car and snapped open the doors to let them out. 

“I will take you to my brother. He is the best guide here. He knows all of the best places to visit. Come. This way.”

Guiding them towards a group of men lounging under the shade of a tent, he waved towards one of the men and hurriedly explained these fine men wanted a guide.

The guide puffed himself up and greeted them with a smile.

“I will take you to all of the most interesting places. Other guides will just cheat you, I’m honest and will show you the best things.”

After a little discussion and much to the guide’s disappointment, he led them off towards the smallest of the three pyramids when they brought up the missing mummy. The guide told them a lot of gossip about the way it vanished, most of which they knew already. How some of the local police had been guarding it but had vanished as well. Arriving at a small doorway in one side of the pyramid, he ducked inside and led them through a maze of passages until they reached the secret chamber that the sarcophagus was found in. He told them it was something of a famous tourist attraction now after the disappearance but found it uninteresting as there was nothing to look at. They began to examine the room carefully while the guide blathered on about how there was more interesting things elsewhere in the pyramid and they should follow him to see the other sights.

Waving some money in front of the guide, McTavish told him to come back in an hour. Grabbing the money and leaving, the guide told them not to wander off as there are a lot of side passages and it will be easy to get lost. It took nearly the whole hour before Singh discovered a small stone that lifted before being pressed. With a soft click, part of the wall swung open and they could see a slope that led into darkness.

Carefully squeezing through the doorway, Singh could make out a level on the other side which would open or close the door meaning they could get back out this way if needed when the door was closed. They filed through and shut the panel behind them. The passageway descended slowly and branched off a few times into smaller corridors. Exploring one or two of these just lead to dead end or rubble strew blocked passages.

The main passageway was a hewn man-made tunnel about 8 feet high and 8 feet wide. Strange purple glows came from the occasional purple fungus which grew in the darkness. The walls seemed to be lined with murals of men with the heads of animals but it was hard to fully make out what they were doing. McTavish took some photos and in the flash of the light, it was possible to make out more unidentifiable entities performing cruel and obscene activities which pricked at their sanity.

After some time venturing further down the tunnels Singh heard some faint whispering in Arabic coming from somewhere, but it was impossible to work out the direction. It sounded like two men discussing that there may be intruders somewhere in the tunnels. It put them on edge as they continued further on.