Finding Freyja

Freyja is slowly rolling out of the mould with the very first one coming out nice and cleanly after I spent around six hours making the mould a few weekends ago.

freyja demoulded

Freyja out of the mould

I’m now a firm supporter of Smooth-on’s Dragon skin fx pro (which I get from Bentley) as my mould making material of choice. It’s is very easy to apply when making the mould and is flexible enough to give plenty of stretch when demoulding that I’m not scared of it ripping. When the mould was finished I make a quick mother mould using some easy flo to help with support as the final sculpture came out at just over 8 inches and she stands slightly above Odin.

Freyja polished

Freyja polished

Using my now standard casting method of out layer of easy flo clear and bronze powder with an inner core of fibreglass, I’ve been able to pull four so far with no errors or major disasters. I’ve also stopped using black dye in my mouldings as it was too tricky to get the exact amount in the mix and I’ve found that the final pieces come out lighter which looks nicer. Plus once out they get hit with firegrate polish and wire wool to bring out the shine and this darkens them down enough as it is without the black dye. I’ve tried a couple of drops of brown now and then but not noticed its made much of a difference in the final pieces.

I’ll get some better photos done at the weekend and update all of the usual lurking spaces such as deviantart and also get her listed on Etsy. I’ve got some more projects to think about at the moment but for the next few days it’s going to be cranking out Freyja to fill the pre-orders that I’ve got backed up.

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