Derek Danger pt1

I had some feedback yesterday about a picture I posted on twitter, I hadn’t expected it to get as much coverage as it did but I’m not complaining. In answer to a few questions I’ve had on Facebook about this sculpture I thought I’d better spill the beans and post about this as it’s nearly finished. This chap is based on the awesome Derek Danger tumblr and is

a comic strip hatched from the minds and hands of Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Robert Ball

(taken from the site)

A few months ago I’d bought a block of Super Sculpey firm to try out after having worked with the normal pink fleshy coloured stuff for years. I found myself with a free saturday to do some sculpting, so settled down with a vague idea that I’d have a go at tackling something non-fantasy/sci-fi and I’d already seen this picture by Ian McQue and was blown away by it so wanted to have a go at sculpting that. I quickly whipped up an armature out of fan favourites, welding rod slathered in milliput and attached to an old bed slat.

I blitzed quite a bit in one day and was happy with the stuff I’d done but there Derek Danger languished for some time having been pushed back in favour of other things until early last month when I though the poor chap needed a seeing too (oo-er).

Looking better and also nearly finished. I will post some nice big pics when he is done which should be soon.

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