2012 films

Blah blah blah films watched in 2012 blah blah see previous years for details blah blah

1) Memento. Insert joke about having seen this before.
2) My neighbours the Yamadas. Insert jokes about someone making a film about our family.
3) Arrietty. Another film about our family.
4) Salt. Didn’t expect to enjoy that one as much as I did.
5) Dagon. Inbreeding never looked so good.
6) The adjustment Bureau. Dear Philip K Dick, one day someone will make a film based on one of your books that is actually like one of your books.
7) Les Maitres du Temps. My little tribute to the passing of a great artist.
8) 300. Half naked men sweating.
9) Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know which is his best character, Iron Man or Holmes.
10) Dog Soldiers. Big plot holes but a good film.
11) Tintin. A solid version of Tintin with plenty of references to other books.
12) No country for old men. Javier Bardem is possibly the most sinister men on the planet.
13) Lost in Translation. A beautiful film.
14) Tron Legacy. I do like that film.
15) The Muppets. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.
16) Super 8. Odd. I enjoyed it but the last five minutes left me feeling a bit… let down.
17) Close encounters of the spooky kind. Scratching an itch over 20 years old.
18) Sin City. Dark, moody and atmospheric.
19) The Thin Red Line. I’ve tried watching this film several times but never made it all the way through.
20) Attack the Block. Entertaining film with one or two little niggles that annoyed me.
21) Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Itch number two scratched.
22) Kick-Ass. A recent Nic Cage film that wasn’t rubbish.
23) Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. My number 1 film of all time according to flickchart.
24) The watcher in the woods. A very odd but interestingly filmed Disney horror/sci-fi.
25) Where the buffalo roam. Jury is still out on that film. I can’t bring myself to like it but its not all bad.
26) The Prisoner. Nothing to do with the TV series, its a slightly shocking Alec Guinness film.
27) Die Hard. That film will never get boring.
28) Dirty Harry. Another film that nevers gets boring.
29) The last man on Earth. Vincent Price at his not quite finest but pretty good.
30) Iron Man. The rich get all the best toys.
31) The Royal Tenenbaums. Odd but enjoyable.
32) Horton hears a who. Seen earlier in the year but forgotten all about.
33) Dark Shadows. Burton returning to his better form.
34) Young Sherlock Holmes. A highly underrated film.
35) Robin Hood. The Ridley Scott version.
36) The Godfather. Mumble mumble offer you can’t refuse mumble.
37) Coraline. Still one of the best films from last year.
38) The Core. Bizarre film.
39) Godfather Pt2. Less mumbling in this one.
40) Iron Sky. It didn’t live up to its hype but still a fun film.
41) John Carter. How did this film flop? It was great fun.
42) Clash of the Titans (2010). On the other hand, how did this get a sequel?
43) Toy Story 3. Not enough screen time for the aliens but they did save everyone.
44) Avengers Assemble. Big, glossy, fun and loads of OTT stuff.
45) The whisperer in Darkness. The total opposite of Avengers but no less enjoyable.
46) Little Shop of Horrors. Those three singers turn up everywhere.
47) The Thing (2011 version). Slightly pointless as it just fills in the missing information from the original which helped built the tension.
48) Prometheus. Actually pretty damn good. I enjoyed it even if it does have a few plot holes in it.
49) The Corpse Bride. Its not nightmare before Christmas but its still a very enjoyable film.
50) Sweeney Todd. Driven by seeing one singing Burton film, time to watch another.
51) Tarzan. The Disney one. Nice animation, shame about Phil Collins.
52) Appleseed, Ex Machina. Daft dialogue counteracted by insane set pieces. CG fluff at 110%
53) Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Its a bit muddled and rambling but entertaining.
54) The Call of Cthulhu. The HPLHS classic.
55) Wizards. Necron99.
56) The Witches. A bit of a cheesy ending.
57) The Punisher: War Zone. The best version of the three Punisher films.
58) Escape from New York. You’re Snake Plissken, I heard you were dead.
59) Deep Star Six. Not seen this in a long time. Probably wont see it again for a long time.
60) Leviathan. Some excellent design/creature work is ruined by a rubbish ending.
61) The Dark Knight Rises. I’m Batman.
62) the castle of Cagliostro. My only Lupin III film.
63) Outland. Much like deep star six, some great design work in a silly film.
64) Thief. I bought the soundtrack years ago before I saw the film just because it was Tangerine Dream.
65) Poltergeist. Theeeeeyy’rrreee Heeeerrrrreeeee.
66) Big Trouble in Little China. Its all in the reflex’s.
67) The Smurfs. Not as bad as I feared, not as good as it should have been.
68) Mr Poppers Penguins. Funny but not genius level.
69) Hugo. I had no idea what this was about and would have watched it sooner if I did.
70) Brave. Very enjoyable, not my favourite Pixar but pretty close.
71) The Pirates! An adventure with scientists. Crackin’ Aardman stuff.
72) Arthur Christmas. Not as good as Pirates but still good Aardman.
73) Valiant. In which Ricky Gervais does a Stephen Merchant impression.

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