2011 films

I finished the list of 2010 so thought i would carry on this fine, yet pointless, tradition into 2011.

1) 2001. Ten years later we still don’t have a moon base 🙁
2) Clue. They all did it.
3) A bugs life. While the animation looks good, the texture work looks dated.
4) Magnum Force. Someone thought a motorbike duel on an abandoned aircraft carrier was a good idea. (it was)
5) The Enforcer. Harry just gets soft with age but i want his hairstyle.
6) Sudden Impact. A film to make men wince.
7) Perfect Blue. Possibly the most confusing ending to any film ever.
8) Beauty and the Beast. Some early 3d work sneaking in there.
9) Tokyo Godfathers. This is now officially one of the best films I’ve ever seen.
10) Paprika. Visually stunning and mind bendingly weird.
11) Babylon 5:Legend of the Rangers. This has to be the worst Babylon 5 tie in ever. Badly written, obvious plot points and pointless elements. Thank goodness this potential spinoff never happened to sully the good name of B5
12) The Aristocats. More Disney classic stuff.
13) The Eiger Sanction. It takes over half the film before they get to the bloody mountain.
14) 2010. This whole star gazing thing is starting to affect my film watching.
15) Hudson Hawk. Erm… look. Just don’t tell anyone else that I watched this ok?
16) Prince Caspian. Nearly two hours of PG rated sword fighting.
17) Tomorrow Never Dies. One of the weaker Brosnon Bond films.
18) The world is not enough. One of the better Brosnon Bond films.
19) Howls moving castle. My fave of the Ghibli films.
20) Men in Black. Still a fun film.
21) Ice age. I love Scrat.
22) The rock. All together now… Welcome to the rock.
23) Casino royale. The original with Peter Sellars and about half of Hollywood.
24) The living daylights. Dalton is an underrated Bond.
25) Airplane. Surely you can’t be serious?
26) My neighbours the Yamadas. Someone made a film about us!
27) Les Maîtres du temps. That brought back a few memories.
28) Tron. Closely followed by…
29) Tron: Legacy. Highly entertaining eye candy with plotholes the size of an MCP
30) The Quiller Memorandum. Why does Max Von Sydow alway play bad guys?
31) How to train your Dragon. Love the dragon designs.
32) The Expendables. Was there anyone from the 80s who wasn’t in that film?
33) The dead pool. Last of the Dirty Harry films and nothing to do with the merc with a mouth.
34) Revenge of the Pink Panther. I remember that lift sequence so well from when I saw it on TV while I was about 8.
35) Over the Hedge. One of the best casted films that Dreamworks did. William Shatner as an overacting possum… Genius.
36) The Holcroft Covenant. While i’m sure its a good film I was put off by the nasty quality of the DVD.
37) My neighbour Totoro. Just like all of the other Ghibli films, loverly to watch.
38) Constantine. As a long time reader of Hellblazer I should hate this film but for some reason i can’t.
39) Kiki’s Delivery Service. Enjoyable but not my favourite Ghibli.
40) The Big Lebowski. Duuuuuude.
41) Paul. How many geek joke are in that film?
42) Hellboy 2. Wayne Barlowes creature design is perfect.
43) Astroboy. Quite nice animation but some huge noses.
44) Mousehunt. Not seen it in years and Christopher Walken’s small part is classic Walken.
45) Rango. My film of the year?
46) Jurassic Park. Still very enjoyable.
47) Igor. pfffft… its ok i suppose.
48) Hop. A few funny bits.
50) The Prestige. Moooaaare Bowie.
51) Jurassic Park 2. More of the same and still entertaining.
52) Labyrinth. Moooooooaaaaaaarrreeee Bowie.
53) Burke and Hare. Anyone not in that film?
54) Thor. Very entertaining bit of nonsense and not anything like those snotty reviews made it out to be.
55) Conan the Barbarian. The original Arnie movie and full of awesomeness.
56) X-men first class. Why the yellow DVD case?
57) Scott Pilgrim v’s the world. Geek game references ahoy.
58) True Grit. A close contender for one of my movies of the year.
59) Blade Runner – the final cut. How many cuts are we up to now?
60) Mutant Chronicles. I had to watch it again. Its not bad but its not proper MC.
61) Captain America. If only the Red Skull had said ‘Mr Anderson’
62) Rise of the planet of the apes. Spot the references to the originals.
63) Transformers 3. Please don’t let this be the last film I see in 2011
64) Legend of the guardian. 300 but with owls instead of nekkid men
65) Harry Potter 7 pt1. and also
66) Harry Potter 7 pt2.
67) Rio. Last film of 2011.

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