2010 films

This is a small mental task to see if I can add every film I watch in 2010. If I forget to update this then I’m scrapping the page.

1 ) Avatar (nearly three hours of Weta showing off)
2 ) A Christmas Carol (3D version with Jim Carrey which made me want to have zbrush handy)
3 ) Eichmann (A bloody good film but how did Stephen Fry end up in it?)
4 ) Jason and the Argonauts (against the children of the Hyrda, there is no defence)
5 ) Clash of the Titans (Ray H version as I think there is a remake coming out this year)
6 ) The last winter (Watched in (amusingly enough) winter)
7 ) Robot Chicken:Star Wars special 2 (not sure if it counts as a film but its a film parody)
8 ) Starship Troopers (I’m doing my part)
9 ) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (what do they do with all the jewels they dig up?)
10 ) Pinocchio (remember kids, smoking inside a whale is bad)
11 ) Starship troopers 2 (stuff happened, can’t remember what)
12 ) Starship troopers 3 (Marauder armour finally appears… in the last 10 minutes)
13 ) Monkeybone (A whole film about a monkey/penis joke, it works as well)
14 ) The Sword in the Stone (The Disney version which has little in common with any Arthurian legend. Good animation though)
15 ) The hunt for Red October (I just stare at Connery’s hair through the whole film)
16 ) Von Ryans Express (Dark ending… very grim)
17 ) Final fantasy:Spirits within (looked good at the time of release now it just looks dated)
18 ) The cat returns (my second fave Ghibli film after Howls moving castle)
19 ) Mega shark Vs Giant Octopus (there are some films which should never have been made. this is the king of them)
20 ) The fellowship of the Ring (AKA the New Zealand tourist boards first major promotional film)
21 ) The Matrix (those mobile phones are so old)
22 ) The matrix reloaded (see a pattern forming here?)
23 ) Changeling (ahahahaha fooled you, i didn’t do matrix 3 next)
24 ) The Princess and the frog (very nice film with some great design work)
25 ) Moon (I spent the first half thinking it was going to be a bad 2001 rip off, then spent the second half wondering why its taken me so long to see this film)
26 ) Scooby doo (It was on boomerang ok? I have no excuses)
27 ) Gran Torino (The best film i’ve seen so far this year)
28 ) Topkapi (don’t remember much as I felt too ill to take it all in)
29 ) Blood simple (not seen it in years but I will always remember the bit with the knife through the hand)
30 ) Matrix revolutions (got there in the end)
31 ) The castle of Cagliostro (hard to say, fun to watch)
32 ) Alice in Wonderland (a tough fight is not on for my best film of the year, its either this or Gran Torino)
32 ) Princess Mononoke (Very enjoyable, even if i am lazy and watch the dubbed version)
33 ) Creeping flesh (not as kinky as it sounds)
34 ) Serenity (fun but not a patch on the TV series)
35 ) Hellboy:blood and iron (anything with hellboy in gets my vote)
36 ) Inglourious Basterds (Bon-jouur-nowwww)
37 ) The curious case of Benjamin Button (I hope I look that good when i’m in my 70’s)
38 ) Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (One more time)
39 ) Public enemies (Good but not as good as i had hoped. I had to watch it twice as well as i fell asleep the first time)
40 ) Revenge of the Sith (Best one of the new trilogy but thats not saying much)
41 ) Ghostbusters (I have a seven year old girl obsessed with Ghostbusters)
42 ) Leon (The mix of Gary Oldman and Luc Besson is hard to find fault with)
43 ) Ghostbusters 2 (see entry 41 for more information)
44 ) Curse of the black pearl (moonlight becomes you)
45 ) The crazies (original Romero version and the first one of his which has a slightly upbeat ending)
46 ) Dead mans chest (I’ve got a heart in a jar)
47 ) Appleseed (The first 3d animated one, tough to follow but stunning all the same)
48 ) Iron Man 2 (Bloody good fun)
49 ) Sherlock Holmes (Excellent film with promise for sequels)
50 ) Superman returns (not as bad as i remembered from the first time I watched it but still dull)
51 ) The International (I hope Natwest don’t do that with my money)
52 ) Bulletproof monk (please forgive me for watching it)
53 ) Wizards (a quick trip into Ralph Bakshi’s bizarre but highly entertaining mind with Ian Miller’s artwork in the background)
54 ) The Devils backbone (I managed to freak myself out while watching this at 1 in the morning)
55 ) Young Sherlock Holmes (even today the stain glass knight by a fledgling Pixar looks stunning)
56 ) Lifeforce (nekkid alien vampires)
57 ) Die Hard 4 (“I’m more of a Star Wars man myself.” Genius)
58 ) Saving Private Ryan (and then came the steady stream of FPS shooters all based on the look of this film)
59 ) 2012 (did noone think about getting loads of aqualungs and hiding in a basement?)
60 ) The pink Panther strikes again (It was starting to get a bit daft by this point)
61 ) A shot in the dark (Now thats more like it)
62 ) Drag me to hell (Sam Rami does a new horror in his old style)
63 ) Shrek 4 (A remake of Shrek 2 only with less singing and actually not as bad as 2)
64 ) Wallace and Gromit – The curse of the Wererabbit (A classic bit of animation and it involves rabbits)
65 ) The secret of Moonacre (Gabor Csupo is a pretty good director of kids films)
66 ) Star Trek (A touch more grown up than the last few but no less fun)
67 ) Bubba Ho-tep (Any film with a mummy using the lavvy has to be good)
68 ) The A-Team (Shock… I enjoyed this. I’m really starting to dumb down now)
69 ) Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (I missed the other two watching the first Potter flick)
70 ) Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban (I kept getting Thewlis and Oldman mixed up)
71 ) Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire (We seem to be on a roll here)
72 ) Collateral (Cruise looked like he needed a bottle of hair dye)
73 ) Hot Fuzz (Bill Bailey mentioned it on twitter and I suddenly wanted to see it again)
74 ) Indiana Jones and the last crusade (if only it was the last Jones film)
75 ) Prince of Darkness (with commentary by JC himself)
76 ) Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix (By this point i’m nearly saturated on Potter)
77 ) Penny Points to Paradise (could someone explain that please?)
78 ) Harry Potter and the half blood prince (Someone needed to turn on a few lights)
79 ) Zodiac (They all did it)
80 ) Dune (Its like poetry on screen)
81 ) Full Metal Jacket (Me love you long time)
82 ) Scarface (No i’m not going to quote “say hello to my little friend” and you can’t make me)
83 ) Shadow of the Vampire (Izzzzzaaaaaarrrrrddddd. Genius casting)
84 ) Once upon a time in the west (Your friends have a high mortality rate)
85 ) Ultramarines (animated madness from Games Workshop, nice detail work)
86 ) The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (there was a lion and a witch and i really did see a wardrobe so the title didn’t lie)
87 ) March of the Penguins (just say they died ok Mr Freeman? I had a harder time explaining about them ‘going to sleep’)
88 ) Panda! go Panda! (random! go random! Fun pair of films though)

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