three.js at FE Suffolk

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I had a talk lined up at FE Suffolk about my dabbling with the three.js library. While it went well, I did my usual trick of planning well in advance but clamming up on the actual talk.

Below is a link to all of the scenes/files I showed on the night and if you do the whole inspect the page thing, you will be able to see some of my notes for each section. They are fairly basic scenes as I was just showing some of what I’d picked up while playing with it. Some of the files are quite large (the big finish one is 4.5mb) so may take while to load, I’ve found refreshing the page constantly doesn’t help but it does make me feel like I’m doing something. I intentionally left the obj’s large to see how well three.js would handle them and the mtl files and I’m pretty happy with how well it performed.

All scenes can be navigated using the mouse (click and drag to rotate), the 3d objects which are imported are hand crafted by myself in c4d, everything else comes from three.js and all scenes are made by plagerising following examples from the website.

1 set the scene
A basic page setup with three.js loaded

2 objects
The scene with (wait for it) some objects! Actually a selection of some of the objects within three.js.

3 objects animation
A torus knot animated and bouncing around like a jack rabbit on speed.

4 render effects – ascii
Ascii effects render

5 video cube
original Buck Rogers

6 import obj file
with special guest appearance by the star of last years Unity talk

7 fade
Press any key when its loaded so see how this got its name

8 bad Buck
Demonstrating what happens when a poly with ngons is loaded

9 good Buck
Random factiod, those spacecraft are called Thunderfighters and one day I may actually get round to texturing it properly.

big finish
Featuring 100% more rainbows.

Plus if you’re really into it, you can download the zip file of everything to pick apart.

If any of this is of interest, I’d recommend visiting to see what people who know what they are doing can do with it, rather than mucking about with Skeletor’s head.

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