They call him Sir

As requested, I started to produce a short tutorial based around how I did my previous two posters and found a photo of the sucker person who requested the tutorial. I have started it and took many screen caps during the process and now face the job of writing up my notes. Not an easy job as I kept changing things heavily along the way.


Anyway, here the finished poster, I will attempt to write up the tutorial at some point.

5 thoughts on “They call him Sir

  1. Duncanarama

    Sucker my arse…
    Hang on that sounds wrong.
    You know what I mean.
    Just sort out the tutorial fool

  2. Kirkd

    Its behind the idea I had last week for an animation and somewhere around the same point as the mechanicus and goblin shaman. Not quite as low as my skelebot though. That poor sod is languishing in harddrive limbo.

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