The Commerce of Cthulhu

With little fanfare, absolutely no pomp and not even a smidgen of ceremony I present my latest scheme, Cthulhu on Etsy! (Sounds like a dance routine)

Yup, I’ve gone all serious and have stopped operating out of some dodgy three wheeler in the back of the internet. All of my Cthulhu sales will now be through Etsy although I hope I’ll still be operating the odd enquiry for custom sculptures and castings out of this place. My first few listings are now on Etsy and I’ve racked up debt of the princely sum of $1 to get five up and running.

The shop is now open at

In other news I’ve had a busy Easter weekend, one night of sculpting to produce some sharp trousers and shoes and a day of C4Ding (is that the right term?) to produce… something which will be unveiled later in the week. Or next week. It depends. To keep everyone happy, heres a picture of those trousers.


Everyone loves a sharp dressed man as the saying goes. I’ve been messing around with Super Sculpey firm so thought I would get round to actually making something with it and I have to say this stuff is really nice to work with. Unlike regular scupley which is slightly translucent, it’s much easier to see all the marks and fingerprints on the surface and I’ve found its easier to make sharp edges with. It softens up easily when kneaded, then seems to firm up much faster and harder than the regular stuff. Unless I suddenly become a wax convert (I’m open to offers of free wax from any suppliers) or get a load of monster clay (see previous brackets) then I think I’m going to be sticking to this firm stuff. Actually, saying all that, I’ve been cutting the firm with regular sculpey when I was bulking out the base shape, then laying firm over the top so I may get some regular just to do volume work with. Either way, it’s nice to find new materials that work so well.

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