The colon of Cthulhu

Old ‘thulhu has had a busy few weeks. Besides the arrival of the casting chemicals (the invoice arrived today, I somehow racked up £125 on casting materials!) I’ve been spraying and sanding the old sod.

Firstly he was finished off.

Then he was baked.

Lard arse.

Sprayed, filled, sanded, sprayed, filled, sanded……


Turn and cough.

Other side.

Back side.

Then I started to layer him up in latex.

He had around 8 layers of latex followed by several layers of thickened latex.

I then had a bugger with the mother mould. I had bought a load of plaster to do the mother mould in but, because of the wacky shape of the wings, it was too thin and broke. Arse biscuits. I tried again but it was obvious I would have trouble with it so gave up and pulled the rubber off. And lo, Cthulhu was released from ancient R’yleh… Well rubber’ley actually.

The detail came out perfectly on the mould. I couldn’t be happer with it.

I did do a test mould with a small seashell that I moulded but the daughter took one look at it, shouted “AWESOME!” and ran off with it. I don’t know where she’s put it so I can’t take a photo but it cast really well. I’ve come up with a way of casting the body with only the latex jacket and no mother mould but its only a theory, until I actually do it I won’t know if it works, but on the other hand… this is me we are talking about. It will work.

My cultist level is rising. I’ll be buying robes next and chanting in the back garden under a gibbous moon to a bronze statue before anyone knows it.

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