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I spent two hours last night pushing 14 year old super sculpey through a pasta machine. I not only seem to have broken the widest setting on it I also seem to have a dull ache in my arm. Yes, all this means I have a new idea for a sculpture and tonight I started on the armature by milliputing a bit of metal to another bit of metal. Oh the excitement.

While its setting, I’ve been going back to zbrush to try and get into the texture process and managed to finish this chaps hood off. The head is finish (teeth, eyes and skin) I just need to tackle the bone. FNARRRRRRRRRR.

Days cycled to work: 45
Days walked to work through snow and ice: 2
Days driven: 0

more zbrush gubbins

I’ve not been able to do much in the way of 3d of late due to a load of 2d stuff being more interesting/important. That and cracking on with Fable 2 but i’ve managed to catch an hour on zbrush tonight and added some teeth to the frogbear.

I will try and refine the body next then onto texturing.

I have a vision of a small mass of these hopping around the pond in Christchurch park. Only a foot or two high they could explain the lack of ducks lately. Look for feathers.

zbrush tomfoolery pt2

Didn’t get a chance to work on this yesterday and as i’m limited to time in the evening this is slow going but this is an update on the frogbear from subdivisionmodeling.com
I’m kicking myself for not including the teeth as part of the base model. I’ve just read part of a tutorial about how to mask of the mesh and sculpt the teeth but ya lives and lyrnes.