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Star Wars DL-44 Nintendo Zapper mashup

Hantendo – A Star Wars and Nintendo mashup

Back at the start of the year, I worked with a freelancer on some video work and we got chatting about CG work and how we both used Cinema 4d. He shared a render of a design he had come up with for a mashup of a Nintendo Zapper and the DL-44 that Han Solo uses, calling it the Hantendo. I had to have a go at 3d printing it.

Hantendo Star Wars Nintendo blaster

A chunk of the files needed to be edited so they’d print correctly, I also had to work out the best way to split the design up so it would print easily. I thought the best way would be to split it by colour and then break down each of the pieces as needed. Hacking the pieces apart in my copy of Cinema 4d and then running them off on my printer took a little while but the pieces started to come out one at a time.

I had one piece fail for some reason. A main body piece slipped mid print, but I rotated it and it worked fine the second time.

All the pieces came out perfectly and it was time for the dull part… Sanding.

Star Wars DL-44 and Nintendo Zapper mashup Hantendo

So much sanding. Getting the print lines out of each piece was a case of sitting with them and just sanding over and over. I used needle files, wet and dry paper and even a scalpel to get the pieces cleaned up. Once all the pieces fitted together in a test fit I started to paint them.

Several coats of paint later I had the final pieces ready to stick together.

One Hantendo Zapper, all ready to hunt some ducks.

Hantendo Dl-44 zapper
Hantendo DL-44 Zapper

The 3D files are available on Thingiverse if anyone wants them.

Sculpting a Jawa

January Update

No, it’s not me being slack, it’s me being busy. Honest. I’ve been sculpting and stuff. Mainly stuff.

January has been filled with the sounds of busyness on many fronts, both digital and sculptural.


Following on from Thor and Odin (still not taken any good photos of Odin) the next Norse god I’ve been sculpting the goddess Freyja. She’s proving to be a bit of a bother as I can’t quite get the head right. She’s had about 12 versions so far and it’s getting under my skin now. I’ll get it right soon but it’s still getting to me. Pictures will follow but only when I’m happy with the shape of how she is coming.

Sculpting a Jawa

This was something of a first, a sculpture that I not only started this month but (wait for it…. wait……) actually finished AND painted.

It started with this:

Yeah, why not? Everyone love Jawa arse and Mikimus Prime seemed to enjoy drawing it.

OK so it’s only about three inches high but it was fun working on something that small. I found some nice reference material and tried a few texture techniques rather than the smooth finish I tend to end up with. I do need to practice hands more but was pointed to a hand tutorial by Aaron Schmidt ‏on his own website which had some good tips, I need more practice though. I also tried something new with the baking process. I’ve been reading up on different ways of setting super sculpey as it has a habit of cracking if you’re not careful. I’ve been reading about boiling it but didn’t dare to try anything that radical but what I did do was bake on a low temp for a longer time. What came out was far more even and seemed harder than normal. One to try again next time.

I was working on this at the same time as Freyja and it helped to be able to switch between the two when I was getting fed up with one or the other. I’m going to do it again with another small ‘sketch’ sculpture as it keeps me motivated and helps with practicing.

I ‘heart’ Cthulhu

This started as a test in Illustrator but I kept on it.


I’m semi calling it finished as I’m not sure what else I could add to it. I think it needs some textures adding but I think it works as it is.

Other stuff

I’ve been pushing some polygons around recently as well but they aren’t for here just yet. More updates will follow, hopefully quicker than this one took to appear.