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Mummy Halloween sculpture

Every year in October in the lead up to Halloween, while everyone who does their 2d Inktober shenanigans, I do my own little challenge where I try to do something new with a horror theme. In previous years I’ve done things like Jack O’Lantern, the servoskull and the pumpkin head and this year I thought I’d do a bust but didn’t have any idea what it would be based on.

I made a basic blob and thought I’d see what would come out. After ramming a pair of wooden spheres in for eyes I stuck more blobs of sculpey over the shape and kept carving.

roughing out the shape

My first thoughts was some kind of skull. I was just dropping super sculpey firm into place and seeing what was coming out.

Some basic form taking shape

As I started to refine the shape I was seeing skin over the top of the skull so thought it looked like mummifed flesh. Taking that idea I started to lay some rough bandage shapes over the top to see how it looked.

mummy sculpture wip
Yeah, this was working

I was feeling something was coming out here. I was making the bandages by running sculpey firm through my pasta machine and ripping strips roughly.

Once I was happy with his shoulders I added some more creases and put him in the oven.

mummy sculpture primed

Primed with black spray then hit with some white paint from above to give zenithal priming.

mummy sculpture
Getting the paint down

Airbrushed a few different paints over the skin and eye areas. I tried to stay away from red but put some purple around the eye sockets to make them stand out a little more. The skin was mainly washes of browns with highlights of lighter leather tones.

The colours for the bandages are blocked in and then washed with several different shades of ink.

The base was made from a piece of rowan I cut and sprayed black before drilling out a hole to slot the wire core into.

This piece will be available later in the month on Nerdy Chicken where I will be selling more of my one off pieces and special sculptures. Now I just have to figure out what I’m doing next Halloween.

The uncle of all dragons

A few months ago I was contacted by (and I have to stand up and salute when I type this) the head of the Guild of Makers that I’m a member of, asking me if I could sculpt some DRAGONS!

Wooot. oh… Missed a line… Some dragon hands? Whaaaaa?

It all makes sense once you get down into the details. The mind lurking on the shoulders of Dr Lucy Rogers who first appeared on this blog many years ago, had conceived of a way to make a smoking dragon head using an e-cigarette (those things people make huge clouds of smoke that smell like Bakewell tarts) and a cast dragon head.

I approve 100% of the materials used by the way. Dragon Skin is one of my favourite mould making materials and I use it a lot for my castings. My current moulds for Loki (GRAAAA! Still not done a write up for him!), Odin and Freyja all use Dragon Skin moulds.

I was handed* a brief which was to make two pairs of hands as if they’re exploding out of the wall and to sit on either side of these smoking heads.

So armed* with this concept, I knuckled* down to come up with something handy**.

At some point, I bought a large 4lb pack of Aves Epoxy sculpt thinking it would be cool to do these in something new, but ended up falling back to my old favourite, Super Sculpey. Stick with what you know.

I spent ages doing the scales on each one. I was going mad some evenings when I was doing them as I felt I wasn’t getting far and then all of a sudden… BOOM. Done.

The two right hands got a little over done in the oven, but other than a little darkening down, they came out fine. The claws then got added with Milliput.

I then made the left as if they’re in the process of ripping through the wall. Once baked, I cut up the wooden bases and carved chunks into the back to fit wall mounts.

The back of the mounts had a recessed area so the hangers wouldn’t stick out and remained flush to the wall.

Many tubes of glue gave their lives in the process. A minutes silence for them please.

Next came the smashed wall bits. I finally used the Epoxy sculpt and its quite nice to use. I made the wall texture by scraping cracks and then pressing a stone onto the soft Epoxy to give it a rocky surface.

I regret not making the whole hands out of them a bit now. They fit well on the walls.

Some paint. Mainly bright but simple colours, as they had to match the castings. I didn’t do as much shading as I could have done but it was nice to do something simple.

The original dragon heads I’m matching. The green isn’t as minty as it looks from what I understand.

I like the red one. Nice and Welsh. Cymru am byth.

The green looks good as well though.

Big ol’ google gallery time https://photos.app.goo.gl/oJ8YwwHAChKeEdRY9

*bad pun

**that one didn’t work.


Another update. Not even sure if anyone is reading these. When we last saw our intrept manservant he was waiting to see if he would be mass produced or just become a one of a kind. Well, after a tense finale, the Kickstarter made it and the cloning tanks started to output a host of Gavin.

Send in the clones

One piece which was cast in a two part block of silicone.

While the body was another slab.


This let me cast them up easily in two parts. Then, after a bit of cleaning/sanding/filling, they got glued together and then the loooooong job of painting was started.


Then more paint.


Until there was a grand army of the republic.


After a varnish and basing I was able to get them herded together into a couple of boxes. Then over one weekend they got CAREFULLY driven from the dungeon in Suffolk to Bristol via Kent (long story) before being handed over to Rumpus Animation, ready for distribution to the people who backed the game at the correct level.

Here they are in Bristol, being commanded by the lord high Barry Monkey Esq.


Barry with his underlings

(Actually, I believe Barry is in charge of cleaning out their litter tray and feeding them while they live in the studio.)

Shortly after finishing them I went to a gig by Professor Elemental who is providing his vocal talents to the game and I did a custom Gavin for him based on his rather snazzy jacket.

At this point I’ve realised that I don’t have a painted Gavin of my own. At the time I was so sick of making them for everyone else that I didn’t make one for myself, this should be fixed one day but not just yet.

Heres a couple of shots of the finished pieces but theres more pictures, including lots of WIPs, in this gallery: https://goo.gl/photos/TL21w7ZD3vu1fpT49