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4th July madness

As both of you who read this know, today was Sunday. As part of Sunday we (as a family) chose to visit the Ipswich ‘music day’ event which happens around this time of year in Christchurch park.

Now I’m not normally one to write stuff about home life as I tend to think other people will find it a) boring and b) even more irrelevant than the other rubbish I post on here. This time however, I feel the need to talk about the mind bending experience I had today in the colourscape tent if only to try and understand it myself.

First of all, from the outside it looks like a whole bunch of interconnected tents and could easily be seen as a bit dull. Lined up in dull silver and on a hot day I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed. The little un showed some interested so we lined up (I think we may have muscled in on the queue as well by mistake. Sorry to the bunch of teenage kids behind us, I blame the fact you all stood about six feet away from the END of the line) and for a fiver (only the two of us went in) we got handed a coloured poncho (yellow for her, blue for me) and the dire warnings that it was hot in there and we should not run.

Stepping into the entrance we got hit by a wave of heat as we took off our sandals and stumbled into the heart of madness. At this point I should add I was still wearing my sunglasses and i’m kind of glad I was. Turning the corner we simply was assaulted by angry slabs of colour. I was expecting some vague notion of colour in there but not this. This was all out war on the rods and cones behind blue eyes.

It is a huge 70’s sci-fi arthouse film given form, I kept expecting THX-1138 to walk past a couple of times.

We wandered around and saw a group of three singers chanting, rooms of pure colour, corridors which seemed to stretch and bend away and several times my eyes felt like they wouldn’t focus or handle any more, mainly after being in the red areas then moving to calmer blues or green. The scale of the thing is part of the unsettling aspect and while it feels big, it also feels enclosed. Not one for the claustrophobic. The feeling which you get when you only have those colours to look at is impossible to express.

The one area of ‘normal’ colour was the room with the singers in as I think they could have gone mad in a room of solid colour.

After half an hour of stumbling around, we left and rejoined the boring muted colours of the outside world to try and explain the sensation to the big un who didn’t join us inside, only to fail because its such a personal experience. This quote from the eyemusic website is the best way to express it.

Colourscape needs to be experienced directly — photographs only give an impression; descriptions are inadequate. Apart from how colour is seen it can also be felt. Colour is energy. Colourscape is about opening up your senses, stimulating creativity and extending your awareness of colour.

Whilst wandering through the interconnected chambers, you can experience the intensity and subtlety of colour. We use only translucent red, blue, green, yellow and opaque grey but you will see mixtures of colours that you may not be able to name.

When we got home we found our kitchen was full of queen ants so I had to rip out the cupboard under the sink to plug some holes and then we had a BBQ. Not quite as interesting as the colours but I feel I need to say something other than about the majestic bizarreness which was the Colourscape tent.

More photos from the inside are in my picassa album

Of all the things we have seen so far at Ip-Art, this is the one which is going to stick with me.

I should also add a quick happy 4th July to any Americans who happen to stumble by.

How to spot the emotional stages associated with getting a parking ticket

Stage 1 – Shock
I’m skipping along merrily to the car with the rain coming down and…. wait…. whats this? A parking ticket on my car? Hahahaha some kind of joke perhaps as it was April 1st the other day. What? Its real! For my car? HOW! I’m parked in my usual spot outside the house in a valid bay. I must get back in the house to check this in the dry. Come along little one, we shall not drive to Felixstowe to go swimming just now, i must check this.

Stage 2 – Rage

Stage 3 – Face palming
My resident permit has expired.

Stage 4 – Denial
There must be something wrong. I pay this every year like clockwork, there is obviously some kind of mistake and I should go to the council office and sort it out right now. Come along little one, we shall not drive to Felixstowe to go swimming just now, i must vent my anger at some underpaid bureaucrat.

Stage 5 – Fist shaking

Stage 6 – Swimming
Bugger me its cold in this water

Stage 7 – Resignation
OK so fair do’s. My permit has expired but i haven’t had the new one through from the council. As its Saturday and the Easter weekend I cannot sort this out until Tuesday. It is bound to be easy to clear up. My bank account doesn’t show signs of the £35 for the permit coming out so there must be some kind of error and the forms got lost in the post. I will challenge the bureaucrats at their game and appeal against this £50 fine…

Stage 8 – Horror
How many forms do i need to fill out to appeal?

Stage 9 – Blind terror

Stage 10 – Sobbing

Stage 11 – Night Terrors
(not actually part of the parking ticket thing but more a leftover from a childhood issue to do with pygmies and mushrooms)

Stage 12 – Waiting and moaning to anyone in earshot
“Ripped off I was”

Stage 13 – Grinding teeth
I’ve only been waiting in line for 40 minutes but i swear that zit on the back of this guys neck has doubled in size. And if that bloke at the front of the line doesn’t shut up about being evicted from his house i will glare at him even harder than i did five minutes ago… shit hes looking my way, hide!

Stage 14 – Dawning of realisation
So I only need to pay £25 for the fine and you say there is no chance of me appealing. Cheers. I now have a stack of forms to fill in just to apply for the ability to park on my own street.


I’ve now tagged a yearly event in my calendar to remind me to renew my parking permit.


This is something which has puzzled me for years and for some reason its just popped into my mind.
When we used to drive to Wales when I was a wee one, we would often stop at a fish and chip shop on the way. I remember at the time thinking that the open/closed sign was a bit off because when it was open the sign showed a happy fish, but when it was closed the fish looked sad.

Now call me Mr Pointless here but i would have though the fish would be happy the plaice [sic] is shut because its not about to be eaten.