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Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Rosette

Thanks to some recent work on updating the blog I unearthed this unfinished post about the Inquisitor Rosette I made a few years ago. It was half written in 2018 and deserves to see the light of day.

The main parts had been laser cut for me and the cog parts went on to become part of my Mechanicus Purity Seal. The bits have been glued together and then the skull was donated from the normal purity seal casting by using enough resin to mould just the skull. It was a nice way to keep a similar design motif going. Oh who am I kidding, it was to cut down on the effort of making a new one.

It was pretty quick to prime and prep for casting.

I then had a go at casting in brass, bronze, copper, cast iron and two in a white finish. One to stain as if it was bone or ivory, the other to paint up in Inquisitorial colours. Already to kick ass for the lord Emperor.

And heres the Google Gallery: https://goo.gl/photos/gmJfjXaprHUFRA3N8

You can follow my dribbling on Facebook on my page Castings of Cthulhu and find out about stuff when I make it, not three years after I actually make them.

Amulet of Domination

Hearthstone – Amulet of Domination

Amulet of Domination
My final version of the Amulet of Domination

A few months ago I bought a pack of Aves epoxy sculpt to try out as I keep hearing good things about it. After a few trials with some small pieces I thought I’d have a go at a larger thing to get an idea how it could be worked and carved. I picked a design that I’d seen and really liked, which was the Amulet of Domination from the cardgame Hearthstone, and had a go at sculpting one of them.

It took about 5 hours in total to make over a couple of days. I would do a bit, then let it set, before sanding or carving it back a bit, then sculpting a bit more. It does carve really well and makes a nice sharp edge when worked. I was quite impressed with how it could be worked. Smoothing was easy as well when it was still setting. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Its like using Milliput for sculpting but its much firmer and a bit cheaper for the volume.

Once it had been painted I made a mould and cast a few, mainly for practice but also because I’d had a couple of people ask if it would be available to buy. I’m sure it would make a nice paperweight or .

Its now available in my Etsy Store as both painted and unpainted versions.

Lawgiver – Judge Dredd prop gun

Quite a long time ago (about 5 years I think, which is a long time for me) I wanted to make a Lawgiver from the 2012 film Dredd because… well its Dredd, and its a cracking film. It took quite a while to get round to making it but here its is, in all its resin glory.

Judge Dredd Lawgiver


It was built from a bunch of 3d printed parts that I assembled around a broken Glock BB gun and then spent the next few months carefully sanding and smoothing it.

Lawgiver parts printed
Lawgiver parts printed

Once I was happy with it, I primed it ready for casting.

lawgiver primed

Casting followed my general plan of winging it. I encased half of it in plasticine, built a wall of foamcore around it and poured in silicone. Once that was set, I flipped it over, removed the plasticine and repeated the wall/silicone part.

Foam board wall and encased in plasticine.

The original was then pulled out of the mould carefully and it was ready for casting.

The first pair came out of the mould easily but theres plenty of air bubbles and little bits that need attention. I don’t own a pressure pot so its hard to get them all out but, the clean up of the seam and bubbles don’t take long. An evening or two cleared them up and ready for priming.

In the meantime I made a mould for the magazine.

For the bullets in the magazine, I went for a slightly larger than the film bullets. I wanted them to look obvious and pretty mean so built them from… dolls eyes!

One last piece of the puzzle is the serial number down one side, to make this piece I laser cut the numbers and I’ve done each one as a unique number so every lawgiver has its own S/N.


Painting is fairly straight forward. Using rattlecans, they’re coated in lots of black, some silver is then added to different locations to act as wear and tear and then weathering. Weathering was done using oil paint (mainly burnt sienna and browns) smeared on, left and then wiped off. The bullets are painted brass and silver before being glued into the magazine. Also added are some small clear plastic sheets to the magazines to act as windows.


I also laser cut a persex stand to mount the lawgiver.

I’ve made four so far and they’re pretty heavy as they’re solid resin but they have a good weight to them.

If you want to see more build photos, have a look at my google album: Lawgiver gallery

Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

Oh dear, over a year since the last post. Thats pretty poor going. Nevermind, heres an updated project I just finished, its a 3d printed replica of the fertility idol at the start of Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark.

The main model was a 3d print sent to me by an uni friend and I was going to paint it up and be done with but. researching about the original prop I discovered that the model had eyes which tracked Indy as he skipped over the traps at the start. I also discovered that its a female figure giving birth. Hands up if you thought it was a male figure with a… erm… happy outlook on life.

Not one to turn down a challenge I smoothed out the 3d print with some XTC-3D resin and then set to sanding. Once smooth I cut the back of the head off and inserted some eyes made from brown contact lenses before adding the head back and sculpting over the join.

The base was made by 3d printing a base (in-between being sent this and finishing it I got a 3d printer of my own, more on that another time maybe?) and covering it in milliput before painting and drybrushing to look like stone.

Build photos are below.

3d printed original

primed grey after sanding and coating in XTC-3D


back of the head removed

fake eyes made with contact lenses

sprayed gold before the eyes are added

close up on the eyes

finished Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

More pics in the gallery linked below.

Google images gallery link