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Adeptus Mechanicus cold cast badges

I had a spare bit of resin when casting something one afternoon. I hate wasting resin which could be used, so poured it into an ageing Mechanicus seal mould.

The final piece was a bit air bubbly but I didn’t expect it to be perfect, the resin was already starting to cure. With some polishing and careful carving, the piece ended up looking like quite weathered which was a nice effect.

I’ve been able to cast a few more in resin. I also cold cast a couple with aluminium to get a silver metallic effect.

The final results came out well but they’re fiddly to cast without airbubbles. Another reason for me to try and make room for a vacuum tank somewhere.

Adeptus Mechanicus badge and purity seal

Anyone know a good dentist?

I’ve started back on the servo skull and begun to do his teeth. I’ve blocked out the set with primatives and have started to form the front six. What has struck me is the state i left the mesh in. The skull itself is rather dense (much like my own) and the nurnies are not the best ever as well. Its been 2 years but i can’t have changed my habits that much, could I?

Some quick renders but minus the bigger textures:

End of Jan update

Legs all textured and now in place.

This is a quick test render without any major lighting effects going on so I could have a look at how he is looking now his legs are textured. I’m pretty happy with his progress so far and now just need to pick the next part to texture.