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I have seen the future…

…and its not that good.

There’s an episode of the Simpsons when the schools is having a science fair. Load of ‘hilarious’ things happen but there is a bit when one of the children is trying to play with a model volcano that is being entered but the dad forces them away (i’m being non specific with the gender simply because i can’t remember, give me a break) moaning that he had spent ages working on it and didn’t want it messed up.

So here’s the parallel. ‘She who must be obeyed’ jr has a mad hatters tea party on Tuesday to celebrate one of the teachers leaving and they all got asked to make a hat to wear. So we planned to make it today after swimming. Out comes the card, paper, glue and knife. I kept telling her not to come too close as the glue was strong and i didn’t want her to get messy, or not to touch as the glue was drying and should be left as it is for a while. After a bit she gave up and went upstairs to play and I thought I would do the building and let her paint it.

I’ve just finished spraying it silver and its classy. It looks like something a glam rocker would be proud to wear.

Don’t touch it sweetheart, you may break it.