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Lick of paint update

I’ve started to add some textures to the cockpit after a week of redoing the UV’s. I felt all smug with myself for using zbrush’s UVmaster to create the UV’s but it seems that they are a bit too slapdash for hard surface modeling. Serves me right for trying to cut a few corners. I’ve spent most of the week redoing the UV’s so I can finally get on with some texture work now.
This is where the fun really starts (well actually I like doing the modeling but it sounds better like that) Theres no AA set yet so it looks a bit jagged but theres also no GI going on and the lights have no shadows. Thats all baked AO for the shadow and a few quick textures started for the basecoat.

A few hours playing around with the base colour gave me this.

Its mainly Bodypaint with some Photoshop loving and I will need to work on things like bump and specular but the mail colour map is coming on well.

And on that note i’m off to sleepski…

flayed crates

I started texturing a cube a while back as a test of what I could do with some of the tools in Bodypaint. It kind of grew into more of a exercise in discipline as it took more time to finish than I thought but in the end it has also helped me learn how to render in a linear fashion. I’ve setup a colour correction workflow to help adjust the gamma of my renders to make the final image closer to the texture colours I create with bodypaint or Photoshop.

Following a tutorial I found I now have a colour correction pass with a gamma of 2.2 and place all materials inside a filter with gamma set to 0.455. The final image doesn’t need colour correction and the lark/light areas of the render are more balanced.


More bodypaint loving

So while everyone in the UK was watching the apprentice, I was texturing a primitive cube. Take that Sir Alan! I bet he is crying right now about me not watching. Mwahahahaha


Party I wanted to have a go at something simple but also I wanted something to keep my mind busy while I think about this next one.


For the 3dworld mag Challenge which is underwater ruins and I’ve got a solid idea of where I am heading with this.