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Domed from the start

It was a brave effort which involved little sleep and the death of a printer.

Tomorrow (being a Friday and Children in need day) is a ‘wear your hobby to work’ day. Now how the hell does one express 3d animation as an outfit? I’ve left it too late but yesterday night I stumbled across a site with some photos on which could only begin to be called incredible.


The guy has made a giant head from a 3d model and then exported the 3d model a textured file into a Japanese app which then converts the file into a papercraft jobbie. The prospect of wearing a two foor big giant heeeeead was just too damn pant wettingly flamboyant to turn down. I had a load of reference photos of my noggin so set to in c4d. The result (at 1:30am) was a not too shabby, low poly model of myself and a rather knackered pair of eyes. At lunch time I belted out to buy some stiff card which would fit though my printer and have managed to print several pages until the point the printer realised I was actually asking to do something other than have stuff sit on top of it and has now given up after making a very loud groaning noise. There was a clunk at one point but it seems to have been the groan which killed it. I am also under the suspicion that A4 would be big enough as the eye which came out of the printer was only slightly larger than my own.

Given enough time (AKA not at the last minute) I would have taken it to a local printers have have it done at A1 or A0 size.
So I’m left with three options for my dress up day tomorrow. A Fantastic Four tshirt, lugging my camera gear in or smearing my naked body in paint… See…. its a body covered in paint… you know… Bodypaint… like the Maxon app?

Sodding please yourselves.

I still have plenty of old cinema gear from back in the day, but the prospect of wrapping myself in a roll of trailer film just isn’t appealing right now so I think I’m going to travel the road more geeky. Pity I don’t have a white lab coat and some grey hair dye to go with the FF logo, I would make a great overweight Reed.

Damn me and my hard to translate into fashion hobbies.