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Lick of paint update

I’ve started to add some textures to the cockpit after a week of redoing the UV’s. I felt all smug with myself for using zbrush’s UVmaster to create the UV’s but it seems that they are a bit too slapdash for hard surface modeling. Serves me right for trying to cut a few corners. I’ve spent most of the week redoing the UV’s so I can finally get on with some texture work now.
This is where the fun really starts (well actually I like doing the modeling but it sounds better like that) Theres no AA set yet so it looks a bit jagged but theres also no GI going on and the lights have no shadows. Thats all baked AO for the shadow and a few quick textures started for the basecoat.

A few hours playing around with the base colour gave me this.

Its mainly Bodypaint with some Photoshop loving and I will need to work on things like bump and specular but the mail colour map is coming on well.

And on that note i’m off to sleepski…

Breaking the silence

Its been over a month since my last blog post… terrible by my normally rambling standard so to make up heres some updates on various things.

1) The blog and website have had a bit of tweak. The website has had a few mobile issues fixed which have been bothering me for ages and have been hard to nail down while the blog is getting a rejiggy to make it a bit easier for me to update. I thought I would create a child theme of twenty eleven but i’m not really sure I like how it does a few of its bits so may change it again. While this is ongoing i feel like slapping an animated gif of an orange flashing light with a sign saying ‘site under construction’ all over the place just to go retro.

2) Babylon 5. I’ve been working like a monster most evening trying to get my work UV’ed only to find a nice workflow using c4d to zbrush then UV with UV master then back to c4d. UV master is getting my UV work done in minutes rather than evenings so I’m starting to get into thinking about textures.

3) Not really a work thing but last year for halloween we sculpted little pumpkins out of super sculpey, this year we did ghosts today. I’ve given mine a quick coat of paint to check for blemishes and the only paints I could unearth was a black, a lilac, a chrome and a red so went for red thinking it would be sanded smooth in places then sprayed a different colour. I’m now thinking I like the red. Its like a Pacman ghost with arms. He’s getting another coat tomorrow at some point and then some glow in the dark spray paint which coats anything it sprays with a transparent varnish like stuff but with a glowing layer. Dunno how it will work with shiney red but heres hoping.

Been a while

With two weeks off for a family holiday i’ve had a rather long break from any 3d nonsense so its time to get myself in gear. Following a jump back into work i’ve been too knackered to do too much these last few evenings but two hours this evening has got me blocking out some basics for a scene. I’ve sketched out some ideas on (digital) paper but this is my first start on 3d. Nothing major yet…