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Ryza Pattern Lasgun

It may not be obvious by now but I have a lot of miniatures. I’ve been buying them, including Games Workshop stuff, since the 80s and I have a big soft squidgy spot for Imperial Guard. I’ve been stripping my old minis and repainting them recently.

So you can see, I like the old style minis, especially the old Necromunda 8th/original design.

Cadia stands and all that but come on, look at that design. It’s great. That iconic John Blanche picture which just shouted out to me as a wee lad. John has appeared on this blog before and is still an influence on me now.

That lasgun design is wonderful. Interesting that some of the early artwork, especially that Paul Bonner one, has some odd variations on the design. Notice the blast bit of the muzzle is upside down and the squat in the foreground even seems to have his lasgun upside down!

About a year ago I started seeing if I could model this design in 3d using Cinema 4D and ended up with something that was passable.

I broke it into loads of parts and set it printing.

Blah blah blah. More printing.

Waffle… assembled.

Do I look mean yet?

I ran out of blue and switched to a roll of red. I was dry fitting as I went along and found a few issues with how it slotted together. I’d need to tweak things in the files if I was going to reprint this but I ended up cutting or sanding things away. As it doesn’t need to be taken apart it doesn’t matter. Plenty of filler and glue works wonders.

Notice the bottom of the grip, I designed the piece in the hilt to be a power pack. I glued it in place but if I was being fancy I would have left it so it can be slotted in place or removed.

So much sanding. I was sat in the garden for hours just filing and sanding and priming and sanding and… People think 3d printing is going to kill things like the mini industry or modelmaking but then forget how much work is needed to clean these damn things up. Even resin printing is nasty.

Anyway… I hadn’t printed the grippy part of the handle very deep so ended up sanding and filling it flat then painting it with hammerite to make it look like a rubber grip.

Lots of silver next. It’s a pretty simple colour scheme. I ended up painting some copper on the grip to add some colour.

Dirsty lasgun!

Finally weathered with metal polish. I use a lot of fire grate polish on my pieces for weathering. Rubbed on then buffed off gives a nice shine. It’s looking like it’s seen some action now.

Finished. One standard issue Ryza lasgun.

Sadly I don’t have the rest of the outfit to go with it but it was a fun project to make.

As mentioned,the files need to be edited a bit to make it fit together a little better but I was happy with it. I’m now thinking of making a laspistol in the same pattern.

Building the miner

As the Outer Empires mining ship’s textures are being finalised and I’m going to prepare a sprite sheet to be added to the game, I thought I’d upload a few of the screengrabs and rough renders of the build process to show how it all came together.

The first thing I did was have a skim through some of my books and online to get some ideas and these shots show how I threw some basic shapes around to help me sketch out some ideas.


The top one was my idea of a dumptruck type of shape but I was struggling to see how to take that any further without it being too sleek, I wanted a more blocky shape with a feeling of mass. The second one was starting to be too much of a Chris Foss design so that got scrapped but I did like the cargoblocks so one of those was expanded upon and taken into the next idea.


Now we start to see the final shape appear. The rods and the front would have been more clusters of antenna, used to scan for metals in the asteroids but I started to think that would be too hard to see on the model when it zoomed out in the game. To keep the whole thing symmetrical I dropped the individual objects into a null and then placed that inside a symmetry object. Working on one side and the other side being updated at the same time is a great time saver and it also means the texture is mirrored after the UV’s have been set. The only thing is to remember to convert the mirror to an object before exporting to obj format or else it only spits out one side.


Starting to bulk up the detail and adding the solar panels. Something kept bugging me with the panels and I started to think they looked like goldfish fins.


After the hell of UVing, the almost zen like calm of texturing. To work on a nice res I setup 2k textures and baked out the AO and a UV layer on each colour map. I’ve found that sometimes baking the AO isn’t too accurate, sometimes I’ve ended up with light areas that are around areas that should be dark so a bit of tidying up is needed before they get used in the diffuse channel. I also tend to setup a fairly basic light rig that covers the whole object or else the shadows won’t be in the right place. The AO is also applied to a layer in the colour channel and set the layer mode to multiply then placed above the other colour layers, this helps to add shadow and some detail to the colour map. My texturing tends to involve hundreds of layers as I work on tiny bits then I combined a few layers when I’m happy with them, this stops be from constantly working on the same details over and over again and forces me forwards.


Notice the changes? There was something that was annoying me and I couldn’t put my finger on it, then it dawned on me, it was the scale. My original idea was the cockpit area would be a huge area and the small black strip around it was the window/viewport but as you moved back along the hull the scale seemed to change. I ditched the ridge and the panels around the top then scaled up the crane arm and it all clicked into place.


Obligatory wireframe shot.


Getting towards the end I started to mess around with a background to get it into context.


Right at the very end the solar panels got dropped, they did look far to small and out of place underneath so off they went. The blue exhaust was done with a copy of the colour map in the luminance channel but it didn’t quite work so I added a blue omni light with hard shadows which is set to ignore the flame objects. The light spills out and the hard shadow setting helps to give the illusion of a very intese light source at close range.


The final version, now I just need to create the final sprite sheet for including in the game.

Outer Empires mining ship

A few weeks/months (I can’t remember when) back I was asked by Paul Hutson, creator of the MMO game Outer Empires, if I’d be able to come up with a 3d model of a mining ship for an expansion of the game which introduced budgie farming. OK, not really it’s asteroid mining, but budgie farming sounds interesting.

Somehow I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut about this all but Paul and I had a chat one evening about how he saw the expansion going and we threw a few ideas around leaving me with the slightly daunting task of trying to figure out how a small sized asteroid mining vessel would look in the Outer Empires universe. Skimming through a few books and online gave me a few ideas (planet cracking anyone?) and I set to with a few 3d sketches. It took a while to get some kind of shape which I liked, one of the first ones was something that looked like a dump truck and the shape wobbled around different sizes before settling on the final design. Even when the 3d model was built I went back to tweak it a bit while texturing and I’ll dig up some of the early renders to give an idea of the build process. In the meantime, here are three renders of the final design.




Built in a shockingly short time (for me anyway), UV’ed, textured and rendered in Cinema 4D with a little texturing support from Photoshop.

All this leaves just one burning question, how deep you have to plant a budgie for it to grow?

Knife to see you, to see you…

I feel an over whelming urge to say something here as i’ve not posted in weeks.

I’ve been tackling a number of projects but on Saturday afternoon I found myself with a couple of hours to work on something of my own. I though I would tackle a low poly object as I have a very bad habit of slapping as many polys as possible into an object then drop it into a hypernurbs object and finally watch my imac groan under the pressure as I attempt to render it. So working on the assumption that I am somewhat unoptimised, I picked a knife design based on something from Warhammer online and set to. The idea being it would go with the Warhammer Goblin Shaman I was working on many moons ago.

The mesh itself was pretty easy to do in the end, I didn’t like the full design of the concept art so did my own version of the guard above the hilt. The UV unwrapping went really well and i used the same uv layout for both sides of the blade and both sides of the guard, the only thing being fully laid out was the leather wrapped around the handle.

It was the texturing which got to me. With previous metals I’ve always used shaders and but this time I was aiming for a 512×512 texture map but my first few attempts looked like rock and I think i was getting a bit carried away trying to make it look like it had big highlights. bleurgh…

After several days of frustration I put a shout out on Twitter and was bombarded by retweets, some rather good suggestions and even some texture brushes. So thanks to @KimStrandli, @arteechoke and @impworks for the feedback and assists. Thanks also to the people who retweeted my frustration.

This is where I am up to now, I want it to look like its old, worn and well used so theres rust in the middle part of the blade and around the lower area where it wouldn’t be used to cut. I’ve also removed all of the stupidly large scratches which look like cracks and there’s a bump map based on the rusty places and a specular map to adjust the specular for the leather, metal and rust. Theres no proper lighting for the scene which probably doesn’t help but I’ve picked up some interesting ideas so far and some more tweaking is in order.

I may also drop this object into the free downloads section in the next couple of days.

Days cycled to work: 32
Days walked to work through snow and ice: 2
Days driven: 0

Lick of paint update

I’ve started to add some textures to the cockpit after a week of redoing the UV’s. I felt all smug with myself for using zbrush’s UVmaster to create the UV’s but it seems that they are a bit too slapdash for hard surface modeling. Serves me right for trying to cut a few corners. I’ve spent most of the week redoing the UV’s so I can finally get on with some texture work now.
This is where the fun really starts (well actually I like doing the modeling but it sounds better like that) Theres no AA set yet so it looks a bit jagged but theres also no GI going on and the lights have no shadows. Thats all baked AO for the shadow and a few quick textures started for the basecoat.

A few hours playing around with the base colour gave me this.

Its mainly Bodypaint with some Photoshop loving and I will need to work on things like bump and specular but the mail colour map is coming on well.

And on that note i’m off to sleepski…

Breaking the silence

Its been over a month since my last blog post… terrible by my normally rambling standard so to make up heres some updates on various things.

1) The blog and website have had a bit of tweak. The website has had a few mobile issues fixed which have been bothering me for ages and have been hard to nail down while the blog is getting a rejiggy to make it a bit easier for me to update. I thought I would create a child theme of twenty eleven but i’m not really sure I like how it does a few of its bits so may change it again. While this is ongoing i feel like slapping an animated gif of an orange flashing light with a sign saying ‘site under construction’ all over the place just to go retro.

2) Babylon 5. I’ve been working like a monster most evening trying to get my work UV’ed only to find a nice workflow using c4d to zbrush then UV with UV master then back to c4d. UV master is getting my UV work done in minutes rather than evenings so I’m starting to get into thinking about textures.

3) Not really a work thing but last year for halloween we sculpted little pumpkins out of super sculpey, this year we did ghosts today. I’ve given mine a quick coat of paint to check for blemishes and the only paints I could unearth was a black, a lilac, a chrome and a red so went for red thinking it would be sanded smooth in places then sprayed a different colour. I’m now thinking I like the red. Its like a Pacman ghost with arms. He’s getting another coat tomorrow at some point and then some glow in the dark spray paint which coats anything it sprays with a transparent varnish like stuff but with a glowing layer. Dunno how it will work with shiney red but heres hoping.