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Chanting evil

Today was the first day of the Suffolk Skillz event which I was taking part in. As a rep of CSD I was there along with three other able bodied victims to teach them some of the thought process in web design. Its basically 45 minutes of chaos as we run a mini agile scrum with year 7 students to develop the content for their schools website using post-it notes and Balsamiq mockups software. Fun but hard on the feet/mind.

I also went to pick up the little un from Brownies this evening only to find them sitting in a circle and chanting something over and over again. To me it sounded vaguely demonic but then what do I know about Brownies and the rites of passage they perform there. She wont tell me but insists she needs brimstone, a goats head and three pieces of chalk next week. Dunno if I have any chalk left.

On a side note, I’ve finally finished my first tutorial on the site. Its a tutorial requested to show how I did my posters and as I tend to make things up as I go, there isn’t a lot of structure to it. Its done though so I’m happy.