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must….. post….

neeeeed….. beeeeed…..

So the panel lines are on, now I need to colour the panels then the walls are done and I feel I need to add that I’m still working on the tree/bush/potplants.

“Time for bed” said Zebedee.

6 thoughts on “panel lines

  1. emi

    that’s looking incredible!!
    Hope to had the chance to walk and see every detail in real tiem on that model =)

  2. Kirkd

    Cheers for the comments. I’ve been thinking about doing a quicktime VR of the scene to check out the details, I could always upload a copy if I ever do it.

  3. Keshon

    m8 this is amazing work! I really like it :))) The sofa’s textures is just like I imagine it :))

  4. Kirkd

    Thanks fella. The sofa is a mix of textures and some normal mapping to try and give it some folds in the leather.

    I’ve handed over the files so i’m waiting for any comments or changes. In the meantime I will try and upload some renders of this at the point I am at.

  5. Closov

    Sofa King Good!
    Turbulence textures on walls, ceiling, table-top just a tad too obvious for my taste. Maybe cut the contrast values in half and add a double scale layer with a different random procedural at about 75% opacity on top?
    But considering this is a screen-shot (so not a render?) and the game engine will be slightly different, I’m probably suggesting things that aren’t possible / compatible.

  6. Kirkd

    Ha… ha…. sofa king good indeed.

    Fair point on the textures, they could be a bit manic but they are not random procedurals. The desk top is a marble photo/texture and the wall texture is a mix of photos and screen grabs. Plus it was the 90’s, not an era know for taste.

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