Mummy Halloween sculpture

Every year in October in the lead up to Halloween, while everyone who does their 2d Inktober shenanigans, I do my own little challenge where I try to do something new with a horror theme. In previous years I’ve done things like Jack O’Lantern, the servoskull and the pumpkin head and this year I thought I’d do a bust but didn’t have any idea what it would be based on.

I made a basic blob and thought I’d see what would come out. After ramming a pair of wooden spheres in for eyes I stuck more blobs of sculpey over the shape and kept carving.

roughing out the shape

My first thoughts was some kind of skull. I was just dropping super sculpey firm into place and seeing what was coming out.

Some basic form taking shape

As I started to refine the shape I was seeing skin over the top of the skull so thought it looked like mummifed flesh. Taking that idea I started to lay some rough bandage shapes over the top to see how it looked.

mummy sculpture wip
Yeah, this was working

I was feeling something was coming out here. I was making the bandages by running sculpey firm through my pasta machine and ripping strips roughly.

Once I was happy with his shoulders I added some more creases and put him in the oven.

mummy sculpture primed

Primed with black spray then hit with some white paint from above to give zenithal priming.

mummy sculpture
Getting the paint down

Airbrushed a few different paints over the skin and eye areas. I tried to stay away from red but put some purple around the eye sockets to make them stand out a little more. The skin was mainly washes of browns with highlights of lighter leather tones.

The colours for the bandages are blocked in and then washed with several different shades of ink.

The base was made from a piece of rowan I cut and sprayed black before drilling out a hole to slot the wire core into.

This piece will be available later in the month on Nerdy Chicken where I will be selling more of my one off pieces and special sculptures. Now I just have to figure out what I’m doing next Halloween.

Venus of Willendorf sculpture

The latest piece in my pagan sculptures is finally finished after months of putting her off, this is a large scale version of the Venus of Willendorf carving that I’ve been working on for far too long.

The original Venus of Willendorf is about 4.4 inches but mine is a large 7.5 inches to make it more solid, not that she needed to be too much more robust.

I don’t have a lot of behind the scenes photos as I didn’t take many. I made the whole piece with milliput and a large squarish chunk of stone for the base.

Once finished it was moulded in a small vat of silicone.

The final castings are made with stone powder (similar to plaster) and then weathered with thinned out acrylic paints. While experimenting one came out a very day glow yellow that didn’t suit her. I sprayed that one in a copper paint which looked nice when weathered with oil paints.

The first three are now available in my Etsy shop. Theres the copper version, a stone finish and a terracotta effect. More versions may become available as I try out different things in the casting stage.

Call of Cthulhu – The Derelict – crew

The Derelict is a one shot scenario for a modern era setting of the Call of Cthulhu RPG created by Sandy Peterson for a convention and then bundled inside the book “Peterson’s Abominations” that collects a number of his scenarios together.

The setting follows a crew that find a ship floating abandoned in the middle of the ocean and their efforts to investigate it. The NPC’s that are created for the game are crew and passengers aboard a luxury yacht but I wanted to change that setting and there’s a couple of mentions of a tug crew. 

I prefered that idea, so ended up making my own NPC’s so I could run the story as if they’re a salvage boat crew who are struggling for cash and need to raise some serious money quickly. I let the players pick from the characters but keep the Captain and First mate as NPC’s who I can use to push the story along.

I’ve mentioned my setup a few times in the past and shared the character sheets before, so I thought I’d put them here to make it easy to find in the future.

The sheets are below for anyone to download and below that is my notes on how I run the story. Each one doesn’t have a name or gender specified, I allow the players to pick those. Please don’t read any further if you ever want to play the Derelict as there are possible spoilers.



Background and setup

Now we get to the fun bit, the story. I made a few changes in the setup in the book but feel free to ignore these and go with your own version.

In mine, the captain is struggling to raise enough money to keep the boat. He wants his son (the first mate) to take over the boat and retire soon, this gives him a lot of motivation to try and salvage the derelict.

Each of the PC’s also has a secret on their sheet that allows the players to lean into the characters as much as they want. Some have a good reason to either try to salvage the ship or to escape.

Also, take note of who has silver and who doesn’t, that is important.

When they first get to the derelict, I have the captain go along with everyone who wants to goes aboard. The captain, although slightly lame in one leg, feels he should go as part of the boarding party. When the time is right, I have an explosion aboard the salvage boat, killing the first mate.

This is done by the… you know what on the derelict going onto the salvage boat and trying to kill the first mate.

Obviously if someone stayed aboard the salvage boat, they need to not die at this point or else its a short game for them. When I’ve had this problem, I’ve had them see the first mate waving a shotgun around from the other side of the boat, then get thrown into the water when theres an explosion. I have the first mate shoot a gas bottle which causes a massive amount of damage to the boat and killing him.

This has two effects. Firstly it should drive the captain insane with grief, meaning he can become another problem for the group to deal with. Secondly, it means their way of escape is now cut off as the salvage boat is now dead in the water if not sinking.

Twice I’ve had the captain turn on the crew, blaming them for the death of his son but he is an easy thing for the group to deal with. He can be good distraction, building up the tension until he is killed right infront of the others by the… you know what.

From here on in its down to the players to see how they survive.

Have fun, send me any questions if you want and let me know if you get some use out of these.