Mutant Chronicles pt2

Sliding further into nostalgia (or should that be nausea) brings me to the next character I did which was Mitch Hunter. This name seems to be one of the stock names with Mutant Chronicles and old Mitch turns up in the rulebooks, the comics and the film (as played by Thomas Jane) but every single one seems to be different. I based mine on the comic book version and hes not quite as old looking as the RPG books make him out but hes looks like hes a tough git.
One weird design aspect of the books is the shoulder pads. They are big old chunkers that look weird when translated into a model.

I did do them on mine but they got lost at some point.

Along with him being clean. The dust on him is kind of nasty but it covers up the damages he’s had over the years. I’m not overly proud of the sculpt job now but at the time he was one of the best things I had ever done.

*groan* those teeth… the eyes!

Nevermind. I was young and I did get a kick out of working on these at the time.

I mentioned the film earlier and I wanted to say it was a missed opportunity. Like most films based on IP’s it missed the point. There are some incredible bits such as a steam powered flying thingy but the vast amount of the film has little to do with the setting in the books. I now have a strange urge to watch it again as I’ve not seen it in a while but I know I would be disappointed.

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