Mummy Halloween sculpture

Every year in October in the lead up to Halloween, while everyone who does their 2d Inktober shenanigans, I do my own little challenge where I try to do something new with a horror theme. In previous years I’ve done things like Jack O’Lantern, the servoskull and the pumpkin head and this year I thought I’d do a bust but didn’t have any idea what it would be based on.

I made a basic blob and thought I’d see what would come out. After ramming a pair of wooden spheres in for eyes I stuck more blobs of sculpey over the shape and kept carving.

roughing out the shape

My first thoughts was some kind of skull. I was just dropping super sculpey firm into place and seeing what was coming out.

Some basic form taking shape

As I started to refine the shape I was seeing skin over the top of the skull so thought it looked like mummifed flesh. Taking that idea I started to lay some rough bandage shapes over the top to see how it looked.

mummy sculpture wip
Yeah, this was working

I was feeling something was coming out here. I was making the bandages by running sculpey firm through my pasta machine and ripping strips roughly.

Once I was happy with his shoulders I added some more creases and put him in the oven.

mummy sculpture primed

Primed with black spray then hit with some white paint from above to give zenithal priming.

mummy sculpture
Getting the paint down

Airbrushed a few different paints over the skin and eye areas. I tried to stay away from red but put some purple around the eye sockets to make them stand out a little more. The skin was mainly washes of browns with highlights of lighter leather tones.

The colours for the bandages are blocked in and then washed with several different shades of ink.

The base was made from a piece of rowan I cut and sprayed black before drilling out a hole to slot the wire core into.

This piece will be available later in the month on Nerdy Chicken where I will be selling more of my one off pieces and special sculptures. Now I just have to figure out what I’m doing next Halloween.

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