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I’ve just got round to copying the photos from @media onto my mac and I knew I should have taken the better camera. Rather than my Sony SLR i thought I would just take my 8 year old 2MP Olympus and the results show because its smaller and less valuable. Sadly 90% of the pics are terrible but a few are good enough to be useable for now. Two corkers stand out, Microsofts rather dodgy URL as pointed out below it was @media who have the filthy minded URL, which to me looks like the words ‘nob it sher cock’ mashed up together (MS @media are moving into the porn trade?)

And while its blurry, this slide was the highlight of my time at the whole event. It was from Christian Crumlish’s slides and was a screen grab of a twitter feed AND I WAS THE NAME AT THE TOP! I know its a pretty weak thing to get excited about but thats me all over baby.

I would be immortalised in pixels if i had taken the SLR. Serves me right for cutting corners 🙁

5 thoughts on “@media nob it photo

  1. xian

    it may be small consolation but when I post my slides you’ll at least have a clearer view of it on slideshare 😀

  2. Kirkd

    And for that I will forever be happy. Infact I will lie on my deathbed many years from now and still be smiling while thinking about it. Viva la Monkeyface.

  3. Mark

    Ha – like the interpretation of nobitsherlock.com. Just one correction which I’d like to point out, the web URL is Web Direction’s and not Microsoft. We are just sponsoring the competition 🙂


  4. Kirkd

    I’ve updated the post and I should also point out the fair play the bods from MS took to the event. Everyone happily stood/sat/danced round slagging of IE6 yet not a word of protest was raised from the MS stand. Well done to them for being good sports.
    (and i’m not just saying that because someone from MS posted or because i’m sat at my mac bwahahahaha)

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