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Four men walk into a pyramid

Monday 2 march

The sun was quite high in the sky as five figures rounded the west face of the Bent Pyramid. Four men and a boy walked towards a group of Egyptian soldiers lounging in the shade of some tents by an entrance into the pyramid. As they approached, one of the soldiers stood up and greeted them in passable English. Hem explained they were there to make sure nobody went in who wasn’t supposed to as there had been a number of unexplained incidents over the years since the tomb had been opened. 

McTavish pulled a couple of pound notes out of his wallet and the guard agreed to give them a tour as long as they stayed with him. He led them to the north face and into the darkness of the pyramid, pausing only to pick up a lantern.

Guiding them along a passageway he pointed out a few of the hieroglyphics along the way before finally reaching a small room which was quite bare. Some crude-looking painting covered the walls but beyond that, there was nothing of interest. They spread around the room examining everything, much to the guards annoyance who shouted a few times at them to stop touching things, but found nothing. 

Realising there was nothing here, Constanza asked the guard if this was where the Carlyle expedition was looking. The guard explained that he wasn’t here when the last expedition was examining the pyramid a few years ago but he thought they’d been looking in the west entrance. 

They had passed the west face earlier and seen wooden boards covering some kind of doorway but had come round to the north face first. Leaving the guard at the entrance with the other soldiers, they headed back round to the west face and carefully examined the boards. Several had come loose over the years and it was quite easy to lift a few away. As he pulled at one, Constanza snapped it with a loud crack noise. They all looked around but there was no sign of anyone watching them, so they slipped into the passageway beyond.

This one led them deeper inside the pyramid before it opened up into a largish room with a stone slab in the middle. Singh took up a guard position at the door of the room while the rest spread out to examine it. Bolan looked at the hieroglyphics covering the walls and, even though he couldn’t read them, his knowledge of the occult helped him. He realised this was some kind of funerary room and the paintings depicted the deceased being judged by the Egyptian gods. 

McTavish went to examine two large alabaster columns opposite the doorway and at first, couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until he turned back from them that he noticed the right pillar had a gap behind it. Examining a little closer he realised that the pillar swung out. Although it was heavy alabaster, it swung out easily revealing a small passageway behind. Wedging something in the gap to stop the pillar moving back McTavish examined the mechanism while everyone else came over to look.

Constanza led the way down the passage only to find it open up further on and then lead to a series of ramps which went upwards. They followed the ramps upwards for sometime before realising the distance they had travelled seemed to be further than the height of the pyramid.

As the minutes ticked by, they climbed higher and higher into the pyramid before it finally levelled off at an asymmetrical arch that opened up into a wide spacious room. As the light from their torches shone around, they could see a series of six small pillars with gems on top of them, leading to a black obsidian throne sitting atope a raised dais in the center of the space. Three of the walls were covered in bas-reliefs which Bolan, McTavish and Singh all went to look at while Constanza walked over to the throne to have a look.

Bolan examined the left hand wall which was covered in small notches. After a minute or two he realised they were stars and they made up a map of the night sky. He examined them more closely and realised with a start, they made a representation of the current night sky. That had to be impossible if this was thousands of years old, the stars would have moved since this was made but it looked very much like the positions of the stars and planets now. A few looked slightly off and it looked like it made a conjunction but he couldn’t remember the dates or times when this would be correct.

Constanza approached the throne carefully. A number of precious gems had been set into it and the entire thing appeared to be carved from a single piece of obsidian. There wasn’t a sign of any seams in the entire thing. He climbed the steps to the throne and sat down on it.

Singh had gone to the right hand wall which was covered in a huge map. With his travelling he recognised a stylized version of Africa, Aisa and Australia, each with a gem in a specific spot. An ebony band arced across part of the indian ocean but he couldn’t work out the reason it was there. There was also a number of arcane symbols across the border of the map but he couldn’t figure them out, he turned to call over to Constanza who was sitting in the throne. Waving Constanza over he pointed out the symbols to him. They turned towards McTavish who had a background in archeology only to find the Scotsman staring in fear at the back wall.

He had gone over to examine it and it had taken some time to fully understand what it said on the wall. The glyphs spoke of the impending birth of the child of Nyarlathotep within the mountain of the black wind. It spoke of great destruction which would herald the birth and some of the descriptions matched the visions that McTavish had seen when he had gazed into the mirror all those years ago in Peru. It seemed impossible that what he had seen then could be foretold in the writings here, but they matched. His mind reeled as he tried to make sense of it before being snapped back to sense by the voices of Singh and Constanza calling his name. He stumbled over to them and was joined by Bolan who was interested in what they had found.

Between them they managed to work out the translation around the map

The Old Ones Shall Come Hence.

All Shall Tremble Before Their Awful Might. 

Not fully grasping what was meant, but fearing the words, they paced around the room looking for something which may help.

Constanza was trying to pry one of the gems from the top of a pillar and shone his light close to it. The gem seemed to suck the light from the torch and flaired slightly. McTavish, his mind still trying to grasp what he had read on the back wall, suddenly remembered that this room matched the description of one in the book “Life as a god” which he had read on the boat from New York to Liverpool. He tried to think back to the description and realised there was a passage which fitted what they now saw with the gems. 

“When the six lights were lit and the great words said, then he came,”

He told Singh to get the matches out of his desert gear and one by one, they placed a lit match against the gems. As the flame touched the gem, they burst into flames and burnt brightly. When the last gem was lit, a hush fell on the room and they watched the gem burn.

A voice, strong and full of power, spoke behind them, causing them to wheel around in shock.

“Welcome to my throne room.”