Magneto Helmet

Magnetic goddess

Following on from the finishing of Freyja last week, I finally had a chance to put some hours into a couple of projects to get them nearer to finishing.


Magneto helmetThe main one is that my Magneto helmet is just about done. I used Ford Purple velvet and Peugeot diablo red (both Halfords brand) for the paint colours with a heavy coating of lacquer to protect it. Thinking about it the car bodyfiller, the spray putty, the sandpaper, the masking tape and the knifing putty all came from Halfords. The insides has been painted with hammered finish metal paint (not from Halfords) to give it a raw metal look and the stand is made from a potpourri holder I found in a shop in town. It’s metal and pretty tough so I just painted it copper and weathered it with some metal polish. The paint that fell onto it while painting the helmet just adds to the weathering.

Magneto helmetI’m going to polish the helmet with some car wax when I get a chance and I need to tidy up some of the paintwork first but overall I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. The damn thing is heavy and needs padding inside. Plus as I can’t wear my glasses with it on, I look like a mole when I wear it…


Freyja statueThe other thing ticked off is that Freyja is now photographed.

I’m now selling my wares through Pyewackett and Pecke which is stacked to the gills with some of the most bizarre stuff I’ve seen online in a long time and is well worth a look round. I’m really impressed with what people’s minds can come up with and I’m also please to see theres an entire category devoted to Cthulhu and I currently seem to have a huge chunk of the idols section with my Norse gods (and Cthulhu of course).

Right, time to update my deviantart account with the new photos. I always feel slightly unclean after being on there…

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