Kryten in a box

While I have tried to be as active as little as possible on the net while on holiday, I wanted to get online to quickly say Happy New year to both of you who read this.

So happy new year to you etc… also to post up a couple of shots of this chap.

Originally from 1993, this is a (rather dusty) Sevans model of Kryten from Red Dwarf (as if you didn’t know) which has been sitting in a box for several years after I moved to Ipswich and left Manchester. He followed mum to Wales and has been sitting playing with his groinal attachment for some time, but was rescued the other day when I dug him out and dusted him off. This was an excellent kit which wasn’t given enough coverage and I was always proud of his paint job (I think I was about 15/16 at the time).

He’s also special for one other reason. He is signed by Robert Llewellyn when I went to hear him give a talk in Manchester one year shortly after I made the kit. I remember him bringing one of the masks from the series to the talk and me waving the silver marker pen at him and hoping he wouldn’t drop the kit (thankfully he didn’t) and i’m pleased to see the signature has stayed on the kit. What ever pen it was has done well. Other than that I have very little memory of what happened besides me sitting on the stairs in the Dillons bookshop where the talk was given.

I can’t remember the reason for the talk but it could have been to promote The man in the rubber mask or Thin he was and filthy haired a book I cannot think about without getting a sudden craving for Batternberg cake. Even now i suddenly want some.

As well as Kryten I’ve also uncovered a copy of ‘The man in the rubber mask’ signed the same day and with an added bonus of a train ticket dated the day of the signing.

The rail ticket is dated 18th May 1994 in case anyone cares.

Good lord I keep some daft stuff.

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