Knife to see you, to see you…

I feel an over whelming urge to say something here as i’ve not posted in weeks.

I’ve been tackling a number of projects but on Saturday afternoon I found myself with a couple of hours to work on something of my own. I though I would tackle a low poly object as I have a very bad habit of slapping as many polys as possible into an object then drop it into a hypernurbs object and finally watch my imac groan under the pressure as I attempt to render it. So working on the assumption that I am somewhat unoptimised, I picked a knife design based on something from Warhammer online and set to. The idea being it would go with the Warhammer Goblin Shaman I was working on many moons ago.

The mesh itself was pretty easy to do in the end, I didn’t like the full design of the concept art so did my own version of the guard above the hilt. The UV unwrapping went really well and i used the same uv layout for both sides of the blade and both sides of the guard, the only thing being fully laid out was the leather wrapped around the handle.

It was the texturing which got to me. With previous metals I’ve always used shaders and but this time I was aiming for a 512×512 texture map but my first few attempts looked like rock and I think i was getting a bit carried away trying to make it look like it had big highlights. bleurgh…

After several days of frustration I put a shout out on Twitter and was bombarded by retweets, some rather good suggestions and even some texture brushes. So thanks to @KimStrandli, @arteechoke and @impworks for the feedback and assists. Thanks also to the people who retweeted my frustration.

This is where I am up to now, I want it to look like its old, worn and well used so theres rust in the middle part of the blade and around the lower area where it wouldn’t be used to cut. I’ve also removed all of the stupidly large scratches which look like cracks and there’s a bump map based on the rusty places and a specular map to adjust the specular for the leather, metal and rust. Theres no proper lighting for the scene which probably doesn’t help but I’ve picked up some interesting ideas so far and some more tweaking is in order.

I may also drop this object into the free downloads section in the next couple of days.

Days cycled to work: 32
Days walked to work through snow and ice: 2
Days driven: 0

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