Vigilantees kickstarter – update 1

The Vigilantees Kickstarter has been up for a week now, so its time for a quick update to show the first two kickstarter figures I’ve finished.

I’m not sure if any of these have names as such, other than Vigilantee, so I’ve been giving them random nicknames. The first ones I’ve finished are the the ones I’ve nicknamed ‘Pantsman’ by D4n1el.
Kickstarter Pantsman

and ‘Cloakman’ by Doodle Dojo.
Kickstarter Cloakman

I’m trying to keep a very limited colour palette with no shading on the figures so they look like toys. The cloak is felt rather than sculpted so they can be packaged in toy style blister packs when they go out to backers. I’ve also hit them with a couple of coats of the same car lacquer that I coated the Magneto helmet in so they are nice and glossy. It also helps to protect the paint job.

I’ll get some more shots done when I’ve got a bunch of them to shoot and the weather is a bit nicer. I’ve just been freezing the back garden praying for a bit of sunshine to appear but sadly its too overcast. At least it wasn’t raining…

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