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As I’ve done most of the basic mapping on the office, i’m now going back round the scene and adding some more detail to try and bring it to life a little. One of the best bits of texture information i’ve ever come across is Leigh Van Der Byl’s ‘Texturing for Dummies‘ which is available for free from her website. Its filled with information rather than how to stuff which is far better as it explains much of the theory and a lot of it is pretty obvious but only once you actually realise it. While I was at uni there was a joke in our modelmaking class that modellers build things, paint them and then make them dirty. If you look at any of the work of Derrick Meddings (one of my childhood heroes) on things like Thunderbirds, all of the vehicles looked used and one Leigh’s tips include a lot about how things are brought to life by a story around the object.
With these in mind I’ve tried to add some story to the objects in the scene without making them look like they just got nicked from Fallout 3. So here are a few closeups on some of the objects in the scene.

The EA seal is one of the main focus points in the room full of grey and blue. It has a bronze metallic texture and i’ve tried to bring some of that loverly warm red that bronze can have along with a rough texture to the diffusion channel to help break up the smooth surface and give it some character.

The desk is directly below the seal and the work place of the commanding officer. As the CO would spend most of his/her time behind the desk (one of Sheridans gripes early in S2) its bound to be well used. To that end I’ve added a few scuff marks on the surface and a theres a coffee ring just to the left of the screen. A pointless detail (and one thats easy to remove as its on a different layer to the main texture) but it adds a small amount of humanity to the object. Maybe the CO couldn’t find a coaster under a mound of paperwork or maybe the desk was thumped a little too hard in frustration. Both things I’ve done countless time myself. Also the desk top itself is based on the S1 pattern, S2 has a more corrugated metal effect which looked like metal siding and is a horrible thing to look at.

The chairs have a gloss effect on the black part and matte on the fabric and a bit of a pattern on the blue. Nothing too exciting but its a chair.

The cabinet is right by the door, its a prime spot for getting bumped and knocked. To that effect I went nuts adding scrapes and scratches then after two hours of scuffing I realised I had gone a bit OTT and removed most 🙂 The main ones are a bit of a scuff on the side near the door and on the top where someone may put things on a regular basis, there are a few others which I will probably tone down once i’ve had enough looking at them. That applies to most of the weathering I do on stuff, I prefer to add loads and then take it back except in areas it works out.

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