How 3Dworld saved my mind from breaking

This afternoon was spent at the Chrimbo fair in the local school. The normal rules of following someone around didn’t apply this year as she felt she was old enough to wander round with her friends and without the old man in tow. After winning a bottle of mulled wine at the heads tombola (its only taken four years of trying to win anything at that) I plonked myself down in the schools hall with a cup of coffee and thanked myself for remembering to bring the latest issue of 3dworld. I was stuck to that seat as i would have lost it in the mass of heaving flesh of I had moved and two hours later I had read the whole damn thing from start to finish and several times over.
I lost count of the number of times I read Andy Davenports AE tutorial (and its only a half page one) and I even read the several page long Max tut even though I didn’t understand 90% of the damn thing, but without that mag I think I would have gone loopy.
There was a point i was trying to make when I started this ramble. I think it was something about the 2012 article or it could have been the rather funny article about cliches most of which I have observed and thankfully never done myself apart from possibly the turntable one. I’m pretty sure I’ve never modeled a car or a huge breasted half naked warrior woman but the spaceship one is pretty much a given. 🙂

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