Final tentacle render

tentacle render

Thank buggery thats done. Its taken a couple of long nights and hurried restarts but i finally finished this months 3dworldmag contest to model an underwater ruin. My initial concept was for an underwater church with Deep Ones in praying to an idol of Cthulhu but sadly I had to scrap it as somewhat overly ambitious. Taking a small amount of Cthulhu inspiration and adding some more aquatic themes i ended up with the render above. Overall i’m really happy with it. Its gloomy but its clear enough to see the scene and feel a sinister mood. I don’t know why the pillars came out with a reddish tint but its adds some colour to the scene so its not overly dominating. I tried to make the viewers eye follow the line of the tentacles from the bright spot down to the eye peering through the broken window.

The whole scene is rendered in c4d, the tentacles and head are zbrush zspheres which are textured in zbrush and imported into c4d. The altar is a c4d model exported to zbrush then brought back to c4d. The pillars and walls/floor are 100% c4d and the textures on the walls are taken from photos I took while in Aldeburgh at the weekend and painted on in c4d/bodypaint.

Things I could have added. More rubble, broken glass, vegetation, some more furniture in the church like pews or the priests lecturn.

More renders are on my picasa album

2 thoughts on “Final tentacle render

  1. KnowItAllClosov

    Yep, that’s pretty sweet for a rush job!
    Still worth finishing, I would say. Definitly would be enhanced by some weeds.

  2. Kirkd

    I wouldn’t call it a rush job but only being able to work on it for a couple of hours every evening does mean I get less time than I would like on it. I may look at adding some stuff in post rather than re-render the whole thing again.

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