Derek Danger pt2

Following on from the Derek Danger pt1 post last month I present Derek Danger pt2…

Finished off, Derek languished for a while but this weekend I has something of a motivation to get him finished. The dangeritis story on tumblr came to an end with the announcement that the book was going to print! Fortunately the deadline for the close of play is/was Sunday. Time to break out the brushes.

Not bad for starting on Friday night and finishing Saturday morning…

Theres a full gallery of the full build and paint job over on picasa.

As I said in the previous post, this whole thing came about from me wanting to try out some super sculpey firm and I’ve come to the conclusion that I like it much better than regular sculpey. I tend to slather my sculptures with Sansodor and regular sculpey can go a bit mushy, while the firm goes a bit squidgy it seems to be more forgiving with how you abuse it with the solvents (theres a couple of words the NSA can pick up on). I’ve still got two blocks of pink sculpey to get through and I may end up cutting that with firm as its easier to sculpt something you can see the marks in, the regular sculpey is slightly translucent and is a bit hard to see your flaws sometimes. Derek popped out the oven with no cleaning required and no cracking which is a first and I’m putting it down to the firm.

Now Derek is cleared away I feel good as it’s one less project hanging around. I’ve still got Odin to finish and he’s nearly done, after that I’ve got a couple of ideas to do but nothing set in stone yet.

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