Chasing rabbits

Full of cold. Ug.
The last week was spent keeping the little un amused over half term and one of the delights we partook in was shopping for an Alice in Wonderland costume for her school next week. They are all dressing up as characters from books and rather than join the masses of Harry Potter chars, she picked Alice (thank gawd for a well read child). We found a rather nice one and shes all set for Anyway, on the way back from work today, my mind stumbled across a thought, if i get a nice few photos of her, I can create a scene in 3D to drop her into. I spotted a zbrush mushroom tutorial in my RSS feed the other day, watched it this evening and then kicked off a basic shape to give me some motivation.

Not much to look at so far but I’ve been sketching out some ideas as well as digging into some research images.
This could be quite fun if i manage to get the elements together before next week when she dresses up for school and i’m putting old mech on ice while i do this one. Nothing new there then…

Last week also saw what could be my last visit to the broadcast show in London. Its been well over 10 years from my first jaunt down to the smoke to visit and its lost the appeal now. There was some nice gear like high def cameras which shoot 3d footage but after my recent career shift from video production to web design it has become a little less of an attraction to see gear like that. Three or four years ago I would have been over excited by them but i had an overwhelming sense of ‘meh’.

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