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Weapons of choice

The little chaps coming along well.
Cthulhu so far
As I’ve had a couple of questions about my work I thought I’d share a photo of the tools I’m using at the moment for my sculpture. I’m mainly using these four even though I’ve a big selection of them that I’ve collected over the years.

From left to right they are:
– A flat blade with a curve to the tip for smoothing out flat areas and on the other end is a rounded halfball for small depressions
– A wooden tool with a shallow bend at one end and a thicker bit to the other end
– A sharp edged scraping tool useful for removing material smoothly with a flat end the other side. I have to say I don’t use the lower end much
– A home made tool which is a brass tube with a piece of wire held in place with a bit of Milliput and the wire is hammered flat like a screwdriver end. This tool has been invaluable for making the wrinkles around the eyes and hands

My other tools include a number of home made ones, shop bought and some dental tools that a very kind dentist gave to me years ago. I was given about a dozen in total as he said he can only use them for a short time before they have to be replaced so rather than chuck them away he donated them to my worthy cause. As a number of them turned out to be the same I traded a few for bits (students work well on barter systems), some I modified to different shapes by hammering or grinding them while the rest are perfectly good tools that I still have the pleasure to own. Over the years I’ve collected quite a few bits with weird and wonderful (if sharp) edges but there always seems to be a basic few I reach for when starting something.

On a related note, HP Lovecraft appears in an article on the BBC site which talks about the recent anniversary of his death. While Cthulhu is obviously one of his most recognisable creations, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Deep Ones. ‘Shadow over Innsmouth’ is my favourite story of his and on a more recent reading I couldn’t help but snigger at a reference to Ipswich (even if it is the one in the USA). While at college I once tried to sculpt a deep one but gave up after struggling with the basic shape, maybe it’s about time I tried again.

Days cycled to work: 55
Days driven all the way to work: 0
Days driven half way to drop the car off at the garage to have a service: 1
Days tramped along in snow and ice: 2