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Venus of Willendorf sculpture

The latest piece in my pagan sculptures is finally finished after months of putting her off, this is a large scale version of the Venus of Willendorf carving that I’ve been working on for far too long.

The original Venus of Willendorf is about 4.4 inches but mine is a large 7.5 inches to make it more solid, not that she needed to be too much more robust.

I don’t have a lot of behind the scenes photos as I didn’t take many. I made the whole piece with milliput and a large squarish chunk of stone for the base.

Once finished it was moulded in a small vat of silicone.

The final castings are made with stone powder (similar to plaster) and then weathered with thinned out acrylic paints. While experimenting one came out a very day glow yellow that didn’t suit her. I sprayed that one in a copper paint which looked nice when weathered with oil paints.

The first three are now available in my Etsy shop. Theres the copper version, a stone finish and a terracotta effect. More versions may become available as I try out different things in the casting stage.