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Resident Evil: Nemesis sculpture

A few years ago (2016 ish, probably) I was asked to make a Resident Evil Nemesis figure, but haven’t posted it up here. Time to fix that. I’m not a massive fan of Resident Evil, I like the games but I’m not totally up on the lore so had to do some research before starting.

A basic shape was blocked out in wire and milliput and then sculpted over. I wanted to get a pose that was quite solid as the Nemesis is supposed to be quite a powerful character, so went for a position as if he was walking forward menacingly.

Nemesis armature


I was using Super Sculpy firm so its grey rather than the usual pink. I was using bits of metal to make the staples, buckles and other details so they would survive in the oven. Most was just little strips I cut and bent or clipped as I went along. I also used a few pins for rivets.


basic form

I baked it in parts, doing the body first and the hands after before baking the whole thing again. Sculpey is fine to be baked a couple of times so working in stages helped me focus on different parts.

Baked Nemesis

first baking

Out of the oven. I wrap them in foil before baking as it helps them to not burn. Once out of the oven, any extra work was done with milliput or green stuff so I didn’t have to bake it again for small parts.

and once the hands had been done, I slapped a layer or two of paint on him.

painting in progress

painting in progress

All finished. He currently lives with his owner and hopefully hasn’t murdered any S.T.A.R.S. recently, or his owner.

Finished Resident Evil Nemesis

Finished Nemesis

linky link to a Google images gallery of more in build images.