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Ork freebooters glyph

Ork Glyph

I wanted to try some quick and simple 3d modeling in Cinema 4D to have a little practice. I came up with the idea of a 40k Ork Freebooterz symbol after a suggestion on a Discord server and quickly threw something together which would print easily.

The mesh is a little messy but it did the job. After a couple of quick test prints which had some warping or areas I wanted to tweak, I ended up with something I was happy with.

I also did a couple at different sizes so I could try out how it felt.

After some priming and sanding, I made a mould and set about casting a few.

As well as blank resin, I’ve cold cast a few in aluminium to get a silver effect. Apart from a couple of air bubble in one, I’m really happy with the result.

Ork Freebooterz glyph
Ork Freebooterz glyphs in cold cast Aluminium
A 3d printer with ork, inquisition and adeptus mechanicus symbols

My 3d Printer is now protected by the Inquisition, the Adeptus mechanicus and looks like its also been looted by some ork lads.


The Little Big Lebowski

One of my favourite films is The Big Lebowski, I’m a fan of the Coen Brothers films but this one has a cult status that is above their other cult films. It’s one of those films that I can watch over and over and still enjoy without it getting stale. So when I unearthed a blank Munny, I thought I would do a little tribute to the Dude.


Munnys are vinyl toys that can be customised and I made one of Doctor Doom a few years ago. For Doom, I used super sculpey but I’ve been getting into using Aves Epoxy sculpt for a while now so thought I’d use that.

Over the course of a few nights, I started to add details and block out the shapes. The hair was first and actually made the model quite wobbly but once I got something on him lower down, he got more stable.

Big and little Lebowski
Big trouble in little Lebowski

Once built I primed him and made a small White Russian glass for him to be holding. I also filled a few gaps and rough bits with liquid green stuff.

The Dude covered in yellow primer
Wheres the money Lebowski?

I started to get the colours in place and loosly did the details on the PJs and cardigan.

The final paint job came together quickly. I didn’t want it overly tight as its quite a rough sculpt and I wanted something to reflect the casual nature. Saying that, I’m not a fan of the paint on the White Russian. I may go back to that again one day.

Little Lebowski
The dude abies

A bit of varnish to protect him and he was done.

A few years ago I bought some bits of clothing to dress up as the Dude for a Christmas party and kept them. It seemed only appropriate that I dress up and pose with the guy.

Lebowski and Doom

Here he is, posing with his new best buddy, Doctor Doom. Theres more pictures on my Facebook page as well.

Plasma Pistol

Warhammer 40k Plasma Pistol prop

I saw this plasma pistol prop on thingiverse a while ago and its been in the back of my mind as a possible build for a while. As I wanted something to distract me that wasn’t too mentally challenging during the COVID lockdown, I broke out a roll of filament and started printing.

This is a really nicely designed project. It’s broken into logical pieces and the sub-assemblies all go together really well. After many days of the printer running constantly, I had the parts run off and ready for priming… and sanding… and priming… and…

Plasma Pistol
Trying to look cool while balancing an unglued Plasma Pistol and take a selfie.

It needed lots and lots of sanding to get smooth. Followed by priming with spray putty. I got through nearly a whole can of the stuff as well as grey primer. It was really hard to find some of the bit that needed redoing sometimes and it wasn’t until I thought I’d finished a pieces, i’d find another one that needed to be reworked a bit.

The plasma coil/core/hot bit was painted seperatly and hit with loads of lacquer to ensure it was nice and glossy. I’m not great with an airbrush but it came out well.

Plasma Pistol core
One Plasma Pistol core

Painty painty.

Plasma Pistol being assembled
Loads of test fitting to make sure it was all coming along ok.

Once I was happy with the basic paint job, it was time to start sticking together and filling bits that needed to be filled.

Plenty of oil paint on the dangerous end. Blues, browns and blacks to get a proper grimy look.

And then one final attempt to look ‘ard.

Anyone know any Inquisitors that need a bodyguard?

Its a weighty beast, coming in at over 700g.

It has a new owner already and will be joining him once the lockdown is a little less lockydowny.

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