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December Update

As the year is blindly lumbering towards the cliff edge known as New Years Day, I thought I’d do an update about what is stirring the mancave.


Due to a random series of events I have a bronze Cthulhu filling up space in the cellar so I’ve dropped the price by £10 to try and shift it… I mean pass onto a new owner before Christmas. I may even keep the price at that point after Christmas, who knows.

Now available in Castings of Cthulhu. Remember, each Cthulhu comes with a 100% guarantee of not being eaten by a great old one* or your money back.

*This offer doesn’t cover being devoured by Byatis, Hziulquoigmnzhah, Yig or Chaugnar Faugn.

Derek Danger

After all the “making of” stuff, its time for one final post about Derek. the book was debuted at Thought Bubble and is now available via Great Beast Comics as either a printed version or a digital download (for only 69p) and I should point out that page 42 is the finest part of it.


Apart from page 42, the rest of it is pretty cool as well (just not as good as page 42) so I’d recommend picking it up, but just remember… PAGE 42. I’ll even sign it if you want.

No really, I’d be happy to.


Oh and it came with a badge which was pretty cool.


OK, enough massaging my ego, it’s just its been a while since I’ve had my name in print that wasn’t a restraining order.


After several hours fun with a trial pack of rebound 25 and the Oliver Stone film JFK the other weekend, I now have a working mould of Odin and I’m currently casting as quick as I can, which is about one a day.

odins update

I actually piled the rubber on a bit too thick for the mould so its hard to get out, hopefully it will get easier with practice but its a pretty tough mould so should last for many mouldings. I also remoulded Thor so I’ve got a backup for the day the original mould gives up. I’m pleased with the way Odin has come out in the end and I’ll get some better shots up once it’s the weekend.


Freyja is coming on. A few nights ago I realised it was 2am and I was working away in my own little world which suggests that I was enjoying it. I felt like death the next day but fortunately it was a Saturday and was going to see Catching Fire, so I got to sit in a dark room for 2 1/2 hours.

freyja update

I’ve started from the top, heading down towards her feet and I’m working on her hands at the moment. Once everything is in place around her I’ll work on the feathered cloak last. The hands are proving tricky but its rewarding to see them slowly shape into something recognisable.

Looking back I realised it’s just over two years since I dug out my old block of hard, crumbly super sculpey and started on Jezail after such a long period of not sculpting and in that time I think I’ve improved a lot. There’s still plenty of room to improve but I’m eager to see what comes next.

Probably page 43…

(It’s not as good as page 42 though.)

God created Arrakis to train the faithful

I don’t know about training the faithful but it’s been training my poker face.

A few more games of Dune under the belt and I’ve been enjoying how you can use the cards to create layers of intrigue and out and out base cunning. We only managed to round up five players this time, but the game did feel totally different to just three players as it seemed to flow better with each faction feeling more balanced.

What I really enjoy about the game is the meta part that can be pulled out of the game in progress. At one point I was playing as the Bene Gesserit and was going into battle against a force of Fremen, my one traitor card (traitors can win a battle outright for you if you’re lucky enough to have the leader that the other person plays) was Chani and the Fremen player used Chani in his battle plan. In the first Dune book, Chani works with Reverend Mother Ramallo when Jessica takes the water of life so if you squint really hard and think at an angle, you can almost imagine how this would work.


Well I can and it’s my game so I can meta all I want, so there.

An another note, I cast another Cthulhu but this one has a special birthday, Halloween night.

Spat from the blackest night of the year, it was poured and moulded without any blemishes or imperfections as Cthulhu himself was probably overseeing the process. Much chanting and wailing later it was polished the next day, which was All Saint’s day so maybe some of the evil was drained away. It’s safely on its way to its new owner in Germany and hopefully no primordial evil will follow it.

One last gaming entry, I picked up a load of Black Scorpion Cowboys/cowgirls a few weeks ago and wanted a game to go with them so after some searching around I bought “A Fistful of Lead” to run with them. Last night was the first game I had a chance to play and its a very slick game, well worth picking up and only $6.

Three of us had a two fights, the first was a straight up three way gunfight in which I not only shot Mary Poppins…

But I also killed Jessie from Toy Story…

I’m a bad man.

I had my comeuppance in the second game when the two other players rounded up a posse and hunted down my gang. Five of my gang holed up in a hideout and attempted fend off the other two gangs but, one by one, we got picked off. One guy made a brave dash for a shed full of TNT and came out hurling it around. He managed to blow up Jessie (killing her again) and one other posse member, but was gunned down in a hail of flying lead. My leader lasted a bit longer a flesh wound, but watched helplessly as his gang fell around him. He managed a brave stand to the end and even managed to fight off a round of hand to hand combat (which I should add is even more brutal that Necromundas).


Sadly, in the end he took another bullet and crawled back into the hideout only be taken out by a rather mean cowgirl looking for revenge.


The red tokens on the table are blood markers to show who is dead and the amount of blood (plus the rather scantily clad cowgirls) all added up to a b-movie scenario that would have done Russ Meyer proud.

I bought 1000 lollysticks recently for the princely sum of less than a tenner, so will be aiming to make some western scenery soon which will be a nice change from the woodwork on Dune but I still have to finish Odin and there was a rumbling about Freya being next.

I haven’t been this busy in years…