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The Little Big Lebowski

One of my favourite films is The Big Lebowski, I’m a fan of the Coen Brothers films but this one has a cult status that is above their other cult films. It’s one of those films that I can watch over and over and still enjoy without it getting stale. So when I unearthed a blank Munny, I thought I would do a little tribute to the Dude.


Munnys are vinyl toys that can be customised and I made one of Doctor Doom a few years ago. For Doom, I used super sculpey but I’ve been getting into using Aves Epoxy sculpt for a while now so thought I’d use that.

Over the course of a few nights, I started to add details and block out the shapes. The hair was first and actually made the model quite wobbly but once I got something on him lower down, he got more stable.

Big and little Lebowski
Big trouble in little Lebowski

Once built I primed him and made a small White Russian glass for him to be holding. I also filled a few gaps and rough bits with liquid green stuff.

The Dude covered in yellow primer
Wheres the money Lebowski?

I started to get the colours in place and loosly did the details on the PJs and cardigan.

The final paint job came together quickly. I didn’t want it overly tight as its quite a rough sculpt and I wanted something to reflect the casual nature. Saying that, I’m not a fan of the paint on the White Russian. I may go back to that again one day.

Little Lebowski
The dude abies

A bit of varnish to protect him and he was done.

A few years ago I bought some bits of clothing to dress up as the Dude for a Christmas party and kept them. It seemed only appropriate that I dress up and pose with the guy.

Lebowski and Doom

Here he is, posing with his new best buddy, Doctor Doom. Theres more pictures on my Facebook page as well.