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Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

Oh dear, over a year since the last post. Thats pretty poor going. Nevermind, heres an updated project I just finished, its a 3d printed replica of the fertility idol at the start of Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark.

The main model was a 3d print sent to me by an uni friend and I was going to paint it up and be done with but. researching about the original prop I discovered that the model had eyes which tracked Indy as he skipped over the traps at the start. I also discovered that its a female figure giving birth. Hands up if you thought it was a male figure with a… erm… happy outlook on life.

Not one to turn down a challenge I smoothed out the 3d print with some XTC-3D resin and then set to sanding. Once smooth I cut the back of the head off and inserted some eyes made from brown contact lenses before adding the head back and sculpting over the join.

The base was made by 3d printing a base (in-between being sent this and finishing it I got a 3d printer of my own, more on that another time maybe?) and covering it in milliput before painting and drybrushing to look like stone.

Build photos are below.

3d printed original

primed grey after sanding and coating in XTC-3D


back of the head removed

fake eyes made with contact lenses

sprayed gold before the eyes are added

close up on the eyes

finished Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

More pics in the gallery linked below.

Google images gallery link